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Thanks Philip.  I agree with the paper, but would also like to see a
statement to the effect that we believe an EOI process is more likely to
delay the launch of the new gTLD program, for several of the reasons stated
in our paper and also because this sort of public information is likely to
cause preliminary disputes that may halt the entire program.  Whereas on the
other hand, if all the issues are worked out and the program begins, any
disputes can be dealt with on parallel track while undisputed applications
move forward unabated by those disputes.  The paper should also mention the
BC's longstanding support of the newTLD program, provided the 'overarching
issues' are adequately addressed first.





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And with the paper !



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For 14 day comment


I have been asked by the new VP policy coordination Steve DelBianco to act
as rapporteur for the issue of Expressions of Interest in the context of the
new gTLDS process.


I attach a proposed draft for the Constituency. Its argumentation and
consequent conclusion is based on the submissions of Bc members in their
individual capacity to the public comments process. These comment were
significant in their commonality. In short all commentators believed that:

- the EOI is a poor substitute for data gathering and an economic study

- the EOI is bad business practice as it requires investors to invest in
ignorance of issues that ICANN is obliged to solve.


Comments, improvements are most welcome ideally by e-mail bullet points
referencing the line numbers rather than Word tracked changes.

This makes the job of the poor rapporteur much easier !




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