[bc-gnso] WADO & Kenyan Business Community Reception

Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
Fri Feb 26 22:35:37 UTC 2010

Dear Members,


As we get closer to the Nairobi meeting, and in light of Gary having his
last day of his extension (vis-à-vis the BC elections) on Monday, I wanted
to note two things.  


First, I want to encourage everyone who is planning on attending, as well as
those that plan to get on the call-in line, to let Gary know by COB Monday
so that we who are going to Nairobi can have an understanding of who will be
present and who will be joining by phone.  This leads to my second point,
which is, we who are present have a wonderful opportunity to engage with
Kenyan business at the reception that WADO and its associates in Nairobi are
staging on Sunday night.  The BC has put on a number of events like this,
but this time I am excited that WADO is engaged because we should be looking
forward to a good turnout from Kenyan business.  As we all know, the BC
needs to expand its membership roll on a broad global scale, so I am hopeful
that this upcoming event will be a first step in making outreach a serious
part of our new structure.  For these reasons, I underscore how important it
is to let Gary or our Chair know if you will be attending or not.


Kind regards,





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