[bc-gnso] Propose that the BC support GAC process comments on EOI/don't we have a process issues re time to vote on a BC position?

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 27 17:06:52 UTC 2010

I am going to send comments on the EOI, as an individual company. 
I had understood that we all had discussed a BC approved position and agreed that we didn't have 14 days for a circulation/discussion /vote. Isn't that the agreementon the list? 
I think you will find that the individualized postings will be more effective than positionthat hasn't had a thorough circulation and discussion and vote by the members.
And, it looks to me like it is important to have those individual postings as well.
Finally, I am sensitive that not all members may be in agreement, so would want to ensure that there was a proper process on any 'BC position', being fair to the fullmembership. 
Again, personally, I have grave concerns about the EOI as it has been developed,from a process perspective, and from a substance position. I'll share my comments when I get them posted. They are my individual comments, in my capacity as the Principal/CEO of mCADE. 
I like the GAC document and will reference it, but only as one more example of concerns shared by a critical group of advisors in the full ICANN process.  

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> I support Steve's statement with Philip's last addition about supporting the
> GAC.
> Thank you.
> Berry A. Cobb
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> Would be delighted to have support to the AIM position, but happy to agree
> for
> pragmatic purposes, on Steve's statement expressing the sentiment I posted
> earlier.
> But Steve, lets add a reference to supporting the GAC process position -
> this
> will be more persuasive.
> Philip
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