[bc-gnso] Supporting GAC concerns with EOI purpose and process

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I fully support Steve's posting.  Well said.


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There were only 4 positive replies when Philip and I proposed a BC comment,
so we do not have sufficient consensus to just set aside our voting rules.
Nothing has been filed for the Constituency as a whole.

Let me encourage you to file individual comments as Philip and I have (see
below) before the deadline tonight.

Steve DelBianco

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Subject: NetChoice supports GAC concerns with EOI purpose and process

NetChoice supports the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) suggestion
regarding process: '...avoid taking a decision on the EoI at its February
meeting and defer it until the next ICANN Public meeting'. ( see
http://forum.icann.org/lists/draft-eoi-model/msg00191.html )

Before the ICANN Board votes on whether to proceed with the EOI, it should
first resolve the ambiguity about what the EOI is designed to accomplish.

Namely, is the EOI just a data gathering exercise, or is it a mandatory
pre-registration for a specific string?

Once we understand that threshold question, the community can then debate
the details of the EOI plan during a brief public comment period followed by
public discussions at the Nairobi meeting in March.

For instance, if the EOI is only about gathering data, there's no need to
publicize actual strings proposed by applicants who want their strings to be
kept confidential. On the other hand, if the EOI is going to be a mandatory
pre-registration, ICANN should finish the Applicant Guidebook and Registry
Contract before asking applicants to file an EOI with a hefty fee.

Finally, NetChoice respectfully disagrees with one complaint the GAC lodged
with respect to process.  In their comments, the GAC complained that 'no
request has been made for GAC¹s opinion'.   NetChoice encourages the GAC to
assume that their opinion is always welcome, just like the opinion of any
stakeholder in ICANN process development.    To be an effective participant
during the critical early stages of policy development, the GAC needs to
engage in deliberations and working groups -- without waiting for a formal

Steve DelBianco
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