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TO:     BC MembersFROM: Marilyn Cade, BC Chair

This is a reminder that if you are interested in being considered as a candidate for either SSR or WHOIS Review Teams, that you must self nominate. The process closes July 29 July @ 23.69 UTC.  
As chair, I would urge that you submit earlier than that time/date, if you are interested in being considered. 
There is a complex process for the selection of the representatives from the CSG on names to put forward. We will put forward 
You must apply directly and meet the deadline provided by ICANN. 
Names will be posted on a web site, with c.v.'s letter of motivation and additional information. 
There are 6 applicants on SSR and 6 applicants on WHOIS as of today. Only one applicant on WHOIS is from CSG and none on SSR, AS YET. 
Once the process closes, the CSG leaders will schedule an informational call with all candidates.  Each SG may endorse one applicant on each Review Team. We may choose to endorse a second applicant from another SG. or we may not endorse any names. We may also identify one or two additional candidates that we can support, in the event that Council's proposed diversity procedures are not met. 
NOTE: The additional diversity criteria that the Council established has not been endorsed by the CSG. This was also the case at the time of the last selection process. 
The Council also identified additional GNSO Requirements, and candidates from the CSG should follow those. I am not so clear that you should limit your description of your knowledge and relevant skills/experience to 3 paragraphs. My advice to candidates is to write clearly but to be complete in your submission. That will be helpful to the CSG leaders, and to your colleagues. 
Steve Metalitz, on behalf of the CSG leaders, will facilitate a conf. call schedule for the CSG. I have asked that a transcript of the call(s) be provided. This would be available to any members who cannot join a call with candidates. 
Following the candidate call(s), the CSG leaders will discuss the CSG candidate(s) for SSR and WHOIS RTs. 
I encourage members who can take on these roles to nominate. I also, however, remind all that this is review -- NOT creating the improvements themselves.   And, I do think that members should understand that the time commitments are significant. I consider them manageable, however, in light of the importance of the work. 
I am happy to talk to any member off list who might want to discuss the process itself, or needs help navigating the web pages to find information about this process. 

For the record, the CSG leadership is Sarah Deutsch, and Marilyn Cade as BCTony Holmes and Antonio Harris, ISPCPSteve Metalitz and Claudio DiGangi, IPC

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