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Dear BC Members
>From time to time, as BC Chair, I am asked to post notices to the BC regarding Public Comment Requests. If you are following the Council list, and are also reading the DAG in detail, you may already be aware of this issue, but if not, you may wish to explore within your company what your perspective is.  
The Public Comment process closes at the end of June.  
Steve DelBianco, V.Chair, Policy Coordination, will be asking whether members also want a BC position and if so, will appoint a rapporteur to develop any BC position on this topic. 
However, some members may also wish to post individual company comments. The purpose of this announcement is to call the Public Comments process to your attention. 
Marilyn Cade, BC Chair=======================================================================================



Changes to String Similarity Review Proposed by GNSO Council – Public Comments


June 2010


10 June, the GNSO Council passed a resolution requesting that a 21-day public
comment period 


opened regarding a proposal to send the following letter be sent to Kurt Pritz,
Senior Vice President, Services, copy to the ICANN Board, recommending that the
Draft Applicant Guidebook version IV section on “Outcomes of the String
Similarity Review” be amended to allow applicants to request an Extended Review
under applicable terms similar to those provided for other issues such as “DNS
Stability: String Review Procedure”. The GNSO Council further recommends that a
section be added on “String Similarity – Extended Review” that parallels other
such sections in Module 2.


text of the GNSO Council resolution and draft letter may be found here

[PDF, 12 KB].




GNSO Council is concerned that the Draft Applicant Guidebook, Version 4 does
not include an Extended Review option for strings that fail the initial
evaluation for confusing similarity and likelihood to confuse. The GNSO Council
in Recommendation #2 of the GNSO Final Report on the Introduction of New gTLDs
in September 2007 intended to prevent confusing and detrimental similarity and
not similarity that could serve the users of the Internet. More recently, the
IDNG Drafting Team established by the GNSO Council has discussed various
circumstances where applicants for strings that may be designated as
confusingly similar in the initial evaluation may be able to present a case
showing that the string is not detrimentally similar to another string. The
Council proposes that a letter be sent recommending changes to the Draft
Applicant Guidebook to address this concern.




information about the new gTLD program may be found at: www.icann.org.


are due by 2 July 2010.


Responsible: Liz Gasster


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