[bc-gnso] WIPO Comments on ICANN DAG 4

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ICA would object to endorsing that portion of the letter that seeks to reopen the URS debate and undo the remarkable consensus achieved by the STI at the direction of the GNSO.
Also, while I do not fully understand their last point, WIPO seems to regard the UDRP as something they control rather than an ICANN consensus policy they facilitate as arbitrator, and has opposed the community reexamining it after 10 years of experience. The RAPWG, on the other hand, has recommended a balanced PDP focused on UDRP reform. ICA believes that placing all UDRP providers under standard contract should be a key component of such reform and that doing so would enhance uniform implementation that would benefit both complainants and registrants.
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I'm passing along WIPO's recent excellent and succint comments to ICANN on continuing problems in the DAG v. 4.  I would propose that the BC support these comments as they directly affect the availability of effective remedies for businesses to protect their brands and consumers from confusion after the rollout of new gTLDs.

See:  http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/docs/icann160610.pdf.

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