[bc-gnso] WIPO Comments on ICANN DAG 4

Zahid Jamil zahid at dndrc.com
Tue Jun 22 05:40:55 UTC 2010

I wonder about multi lateral organisations entering into a contract for providing service with a not for profit.

In regards the URS, having served on both the IRT and STI, my views are well known.  The URS is the only REAL Rights Protection Mechanism in the new gTLD environment.  (TM Clearinghouse not being an RPM).  It is only a Post launch RPM. Not a preventive RPM leaving the issue of defensive registration unresolved (also acknowledged by the Economic Study).  The URS does not therefore solve the defensive registration problem and makes TM owners pay for URS as opposed to incurring the cost of defensive registration.  In either case TM Owners subsidise new gTLDs for no economic benefit in return.

To top it all the URS is merely a temporary suspension (no transfer being made available to a successful Complainant).  At the end of a year the domain name pops back up (wackamo/revolving door) forcing the TM Owner to possibly paying again to suspend the domain.

Also the difference in the Rapidity of the UDRP and URS is .....wait for this..... ONE day less!   

Not really Rapid!



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Given the strong levels of concerns raised about the DAG from many
parties, I don't think we can characterize the current remedies as
having consensus, much less remarkable consensus.  Re-opening the UDRP
is a dangerous exercise that could wind up being a double edge sword..
Without a workable UDRP, IP owners will by default turn to suing

In any event, it would be helpful if others from the BC could weigh in
on whether  the BC   c an support WIPO's comments.



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ICA would object to endorsing that portion of the letter that seeks to
reopen the URS debate and undo the remarkable consensus achieved by the
STI at the direction of the GNSO. 
Also, while I do not fully understand their last point, WIPO seems to
regard the UDRP as something they control rather than an ICANN consensus
policy they facilitate as arbitrator, and has opposed the community
reexamining it after 10 years of experience. The RAPWG, on the other
hand, has recommended a balanced PDP focused on UDRP reform. ICA
believes that placing all UDRP providers under standard contract should
be a key component of such reform and that doing so would enhance
uniform implementation that would benefit both complainants and
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Subject: [bc-gnso] WIPO Comments on ICANN DAG 4 

I'm passing along WIPO's recent excellent and succint comments to ICANN
on continuing problems in the DAG v. 4.  I would propose that the BC
support these comments as they directly affect the availability of
effective remedies for businesses to protect their brands and consumers
from confusion after the rollout of new gTLDs.

See:  http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/docs/icann160610.pdf.   



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