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Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 15 13:14:38 UTC 2010

> Dear BC members: 
> We will hold our BC debried at 10 am EST. A bridge will be sent to those who rsvp, since we will use a toll free ICANN bridge.  Please rsvp to marilynscade at hotmail.com with your name, company affiliation, and which country you are in for the call. 
The ExComm will have an earlier call and the bridge will open for members promptly at 10 a.m. EST. 
If you need dial out, please indicate that in your rsvp.
Marilyn Cade
BC Chair
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> In the meantime, a few thoughts:
> Special Thanks to BC member, Computer Society of Kenya
> The BC owes special thanks to Waudo Siganga and Dourice___ Computer Society of Kenya for launching the 
> Bc outreach and introduction to Kenya business. The involvement and interact between existing BC members and Kenya business and government leaders continued throughout the ICANN meeting and Waudo and I are following on membership invitations. 
> CSG Breakfast
> We had over 55 attendees at the breakfast, and excellent turnout from Board and staff to join in hosting several Kenyan guests. We took a unique approach of being very inclusive of anyone we met who was in business and cpould be interested in joining the three constituencies. The breakfast focused on three possible table topics but topics 2 was focused on hearing from outside guests from developing countries (primarily) and in many cases, they led the discussions. BC and ISP members acted as "sherpa" to each guest, and assumed responsibility for getting them introduced to staff and Board members. 
> I will leave other updates to the BC call regarding the breakfast. 
> GAC attendance: 
> There were approximately 35 GAC attendees and 2 observers. Well attended meeting really. 
> Saturday/Sunday meetings: these meetings need evaluation and feedback from those who attend, including Councilors. I find this useful and productive work time, but certain decisions re scheduling have been made at Council level, probably between Chair, vice chairs and staff, that affect our "HOUSE", and scheduling of the House meeting, for instance, will deserve more focus in preparation for Brussels, along with agenda development re any suitable House issues. 
> Please send any topics you want to address on the BC call to me and to Steve Delbianco. I will be asking Steve to collaborate on finalizing the agenda. 
> Thanks for your support and involvement in ICANN. 
> Marilyn Cade
> BC chair
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