[bc-gnso] BC Position Statement DRAFT - Baseline Registry Operations Report from KPMG - Action Required by 3/30

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Tue Mar 23 07:42:11 UTC 2010

Sorry, outbound email issues....sending again to be certain, I will be  
disconnected most of tomorrow.


Attached is the first draft of the CBUC position statement for the  
Baseline Registry Operation report released by ICANN.  Overall, I feel  
KPMG performed well and provided meaningful views of the data.  It is  
ashamed that more participants were not a part of the sample data.

My Registry operations experience is limited, so I ask the BC team to  
take a strong look at the report and the initial comments I provided.   
I especially invite our members that have direct Registry operations  
experience to enhance our position about this study and its future use  
by the gTLD Evaluation teams.  This material is sure to have a direct  
impact to the next Draft Applicant Guidebook version 4 to be released  
just prior to Brussels.  In a quick review, the following are what I  
believe to be sections of the DAGv3 where this study could influence  
the Application Evaluation Criteria, or the Application Process both  
of which will be used by the gTLD Evaluation teams.

1.2.2 Required Documents for Application
1.4.2 Application Form
2.1.2 Applicant Reviews
2.1.3 Registry Services Review
2.2.1 Technical/Operational or Financial Extended Evaluation
2.2.2 DNS Stability Extended Evaluation
2.2.3 Registry Services Extended Evaluation

The comment period closes April 1st, so I ask for your quick  
turn-around.  As Steve DelBianco eluded to in our last BC call, there  
are a large number of comment period closings converging at once.  I  
thank you for your quick response.  I will compile all feedback and  
incorporate changes on 3/30/2010.

Berry Cobb
Infinity Portals LLC
San Jose, CA
berrycobb at infinityportals.com

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