[bc-gnso] ICANN Agenda for Brussels posted; reminder to register for ICANN Brussels meeting

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Mon May 31 23:18:48 UTC 2010

Members Update: 

Remember to register for the ICANN Brussels meeting; that should speed your onsite registration, and also helps to give an accurate count for attendance at ICANN overall.  You can choose to keep your details private, if you prefer not to be listed on the attendance list. 

BRUSSELS ICANN AGENDA is now posted:  ICANN just posted the agenda for Brussels; you will want to take a look at the agenda before our upcoming call on June 2. The agenda is packed with topics of interest to BC members, and many of the sessions will overlap with each other.  Of some note is a heavy focus on security issues  throughout the week of meetings.  There is also a somewhat mysterious workshop entitled "Brand management in the age of new gTLDs". I have emailed staff with a request for more information and to note that BC members have a significant interest in issues related to 'brands'. I hope to gain more information related to that workshop in particular. 

The heavy focus on security is not surprising; members may want to call the materials and topics to other internal business colleagues within their companies/associations.  WHOIS also has several important sessions.  Steve DelBianco, Vice Chair, Policy Coordination, will be addressing coordination and focus on the gNSO policy topics separately, and we have a call dedicated to those topics, scheduled for June 7. 

We will review the ICANN meeting agenda briefly on our Adm/Management call.  Thanks to those who provided arrival information separately. 

Please mark your calendars for a reception Monday evening, which the BC and several of its members will be organizing/hosting, and for the Tuesday breakfast. Neither are on the calendar, since they are invitational, but all BC members are invited to both.  Later, we will also be asking you for any guests that you may want to invite from the business community. The purpose of the reception is for interaction by business members and any special guests they invite, such as senior executives, to interact with the GAC. There will be more details on the reception shortly. 

Reminder about Breakfast on Tuesday:  The breakfast will be at the venue and will begin at 8 a.m. as usual, with the Board and Senior ICANN staff as guests. More details on that will also be provided as we get closer to the actual meeting. 

Please also check out the public comment topics on the ICANN website since we will want to discuss the current public comments on the upcoming members calls.  We will divide the topics into those related to ICANN management/overall structural activities, and gNSO policy. I would like to invite member input on what topics the BC wants to have a public statement on, versus those where we just prefer to encourage individual BC members to speak  in public sessions on their individual perspectives.  Steve DelBianco and our councilors, Zahid Jamil and Mike Rodenbaugh, will be leading the call on June 7, and it will be important to also identify topics related to gNSO policy that need BC statements, if we do not already have positions. 

Kenya was a very successful meeting for the BC, with a very high degree of visibility and participation by our BC members. I look forward to seeing more of our members in Brussels, and to collaborating with all of you in planning the BC's presence and active engagement in ICANN's Brussels meeting. 

Marilyn Cade
BC Chair

Marilyn Cade
BC Chair

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