[bc-gnso] nominating Berry for the Councillor slot

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While I appreciate Mikey's enthusiasm and because I respect and am an advocate for process and procedure, I must respectfully decline this premature nomination.

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, I do have an interest in representing the BC on the GNSO Council.  When the formal nomination period opens, I will submit an expression of interest for this role.  Upon which, if any member believes I meet the criteria as a candidate, nominations will be welcome.

Mikey, thank you for the vote of confidence and my apologies to everyone if this email thread caused confusion.


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hi all,

it gives me great pleasure to nominate Berry Cobb for the upcoming GNSO Councillor position.  here's why i think he'd do a terrific job.

-- he's trustworthy.  in my experience he's careful to only make promises he can keep, and then he keeps those promises.

-- he's up to speed on the policy front.  he's been an active participant and strong contributor on a boatload of working-groups over the last couple years.  he's one of the people who shows up on all the calls, all the way to the end.

-- he's a strong analyst.  some of this is just his nature, some of it is his background coming from IBM.  but Berry's delivered a lot of analysis for the working groups he's been on.  those analyses often form the starting place when we come to consensus.  we who have worked with him often refer to him the master of the pivot-table.

-- he "gets" the new role of the Council.  Berry understands the destination that the GNSO Council is headed toward -- that of being the manager of a policy-making process rather than the policy-making body.  i think he can play a crucial role to help the Council achieve that destination.

i think Berry would be a great representative for us at the Council.  i hope he will accept this nomination, and that the rest of you will support him.



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