[bc-gnso] Revised Draft BC Position on Establishing Standard Contract for UDRP Providers

Phil Corwin pcorwin at butera-andrews.com
Mon Oct 18 22:16:21 UTC 2010

Last week our Chair, Marilyn Cade, circulated a marked up version of the draft position statement on this issue that was originally drafted by me and subsequently edited by Mike Rodenbaugh. This morning, Berry Cobb suggested that the position statement should be cross-reference one of the pending recommendations of the RAPWG.

I regards these suggestions as "friendly amendments" and have revised the draft statement to take account of them. Two versions of an updated draft are attached -- one is a redline markup of what Marilyn forwarded, and the other is a clean version of same.

Marilyn also inquired whether there would be a cut off date at which the draft would be locked down for final consideration by BC members. As the comment must be filed by Thursday, October 28, iI would suggest that we lock down the draft no later than this Thursday or Friday, if that is in compliance with BC administrative rules.

Thanks again to all who have voiced support for this position staement and have suggested improvements.

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