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Sat Oct 23 03:57:38 UTC 2010

BC Members: in order to ensure that we are complying with all responsibility to post public notices of our activities,I am posting a notice to the BC archived list:  Please also consider this a reminder of the deadlines for nominations, consultations and when ballots will be distributed. 
Marilyn CadeBC Chair

On Oct. 17, the BC opened an election process for two positions via an internal announcement to all BC members:1) GNSO Councilor: term annual meeting 2010 to annual meeting 2012. 2) Vice Chair, Finance and Operations - 3 month term completing 2010 term which ends in January 2011
The process for the election was described in a notice provided to all BC members, including time frames.Due to questions, the BC ExComm undertook an examination of eligibility for standing for Councilor and the outcome of thatconsultation  was posted to the BC members on October 22. Any member in good standing [paid up dues] is eligible to stand as councilor.  Officer positions must have been a member for 12 months before standing for office. Two positions are open, as noted above. 
Election Time table:1) Nomination period of two weeks:  10/17-10/30 [the process of submitting nominations is limited to BC members and is provided on the private distribution. 2) Discussion with Candidates:  10/31 - 11/3 - Members will be notified separately of conference call schedule3) Vote - 11/4 - 11/10 - via e -ballot 4) Voting count /publication of results: 11/15 to BC Members, and then to the BC archive list.
The details for candidates and acknowledgement for those who are nominating them will be provided separately to BC Members.
This notice to the BC GNSO list provides notice of the election process of the BC and its date of announcement of results.  
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