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Dear BC Members
The upcoming weeks before Cartegana's meeting will be action packed. 
I. BC Meetings Schedule: now to Cartegena
Policy Discussions:  As committed to Members, the ExComm is convening a BC Members Policy Discussion on November 11, at 10 a.m. EDT. The call will be recorded and transcribed.A bridge will be posted to members separately.The policy topics for the call will be posted shortly. Members who are activelyengaged in different topics will be reporting on status of key topics. Councilors will update on key Council topics, and Steve DelBianco, V.Chair, Policy Coordinationwill moderate the policy segment. Only urgent management topics will beaddressed on that call, so that the main focus can be policy discussion.
TBC:  BC Members Policy Discussion devoted to the new gTLD Guidebook;separately scheduled, after the Guidebook is published for comment.Steve DelBianco, V.Chair, Policy Coordination is soliciting volunteers to analyzedifferent sections and contribute as lead discussants on those sessions in that call. Please email Steve directly regarding volunteering. That date is not setand is based on ICANN's release of the DAG.
Planning for Cartegena: A third logistics /coordination call will be held once the Agenda is posted byICANN and will focus on the agenda; pre-briefing for the CSG and BC on sitesessions. Those discussions will be limited to members who have signed upfor the meetings list. This is one more reminder to do that if you want to followthe activities of the BC during meetings. 
Sign up with Chris Chaplow, V.Chair, Finance and Operationsfor that list. It will only focus on ICANN meetings -- coordination and logistics.Policy discussions and needed decisions will remain on the full Bc-GNSO list, so thatall members can contribute on any policy updates or decisions taken.  

III. Themes/Topics for the Cross Constituency Breakfast on Tuesday morning and Tuesday's CSG meeting:Breakfast: ICANN's role and activities in the larger Internet Eco SystemOther topics?CSG Session:  RAA amendments; Budget/Operating Plan
Can I have other priorities for topics? Since remote participation is provided for meetings,we hope that you will plan to actively participate, even if you cannot attend in person. 
 IV. Announcing a Non Commercial House meeting on Saturday a.m. in Cartegana:Please mark your calendar to participate in the House meeting on Saturday a.m., including by remote participation. 
We will discuss House V.Chair candidates for the GNSO Council, and discuss andfinalize the procedure for the Board Seat that the Non Commercial House elects.That election will take place in May, 2011, it appears, for a June seating of the Board member. 
V. Elections and Charter Approvals:--The BC presently has two elections underway: BC Councilor and Completion of termfor V.Chair, Finance and Operations. Those elections will conclude by Nov. 15. 
--The CSG Charter will be circulated for BC Member vote in a separate administrative process. A oneweek comment period on the draft has concluded.  The BC will use an online ballot for approval for theCSG Charter. the other two constituencies are also undertaking consultation and approval process. 
--Beginning next week, we will start working on the updates to the BC Charter with a small group of volunteers. Please contact me off list if you have not already volunteered for participating in that process.  We will not complete that process by November 15 but will target having a final draft version under discussion during Cartegena, with a separate sessionwith remote participation. 
Marilyn CadeBC Chair
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