[bc-gnso] CSG charter and knock-on effects to BC charter

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I am surprised that you have overlooked the fact that all members can attend - either physically or remotely - particularly as I noted that in my last post.  While I encourage onlist discussion and debate, as you suggest, I do look forward to the October 12th gathering to get the charter right for the constituency and the larger CSG, among the many other activities that are planned. 

Will you be attending in person or remotely? 

Kind regards, 


Ron Andruff
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Thanks Chris.  Since most members won’t be able to attend in DC, and maybe a
few are still on the fence, could you share some of the proposed changes you
are talking about.  And why they ought to be discussed face to face among a
relative few, rather than in writing among all?  We managed to completely
reformulate the charter without benefit of any special in-person meetings,
so I have trouble understanding how revisions as to ‘little details’ would
require the extra commitment.  


Other than small details, are there any significant changes that you, or
anyone else, think ought to be made?  Proposals for significant change ought
to be understood and debated by all members, not just the few who can attend
an in-person meeting.


Mike Rodenbaugh


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Hi there,


From my side, which is a purely practical side,   I have been working with
the charter for the last six months  there a quite a number of little
details that I think need revision.   


These are details that looked fine to me when I revised and voted for the
present version,  but as you expect it is quite different when you actually
have to start working with it .


I look forward  to the opportunity  to input some of  these details  at the
forthcoming meeting in DC.




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