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As with both Ron and Mikey, please add me as well.  I look forward to seeing everyone as well.

For Hotels, there are quite a few in the area from China Town to McPherson Square.  If your looking for a low cost option, look across the river in Crystal City or Pentagon City, both near the Pentagon or in Roslyn (Arlington).  Metro is one stop into the district from either location.


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On Sep 20, 2010, at 5:14 PM, Ron Andruff wrote:

> Thank you for the initiative in establishing this meeting, Chair.  As Mikey has kicked off the RSVP list with his confirmation, please add my name as well.  I look forward to seeing everyone in DC in a few weeks.
> Kind regards,
> RA
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> Subject: [bc-gnso] BC and CSG working sessions and BC Meeting+ Oct 12, 2010
> Dear BC members
> Please mark your calenders for a multi purpose day of events and sessions on October 12, with onsite in
> Washington, DC and remote participation provided by ICANN for all sessions, and transcription of all sessions.
> We realize many members cannot attend in person, so the meeting will be fully transcribed, and we will
> have good remote participation support.
> Agenda
> i. CSG Charter : 1.5 Hours   Sarah Deutsch, BC ; IPC and ISPCP CSG reps; ICANN staff as presenters
> ii. Panel on Security, Stability and Resiliency: Business User leadership and key issues
> Informational Sessionw ith speakers from  BC and key industry players
> iii. Panel on  Brands as new top level domain names
> Informational session: speakers from experts and key NGOs who hold well known brands
> ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´
> iv. BC Members Meeting -- Hosted at Wilmer Hale Law Offices
> 8:15 -Continental Breakfast-Registration
> 8:30 a.m. Meeting opens
> +Chair Welcome-Overview
> +Discussion of Panels in a.m. RE reflecting into BC policy priorities overall - Co Moderated by Marilyn Cade and Steve DelBianco
> +Discussion of three to four key gTLD policy topics - Steve DelBianco, V.Chair, Policy Coordination
> (Steve will work with the full set of BC members  engaged in the working groups to develop this fast paced update 
> and discussion of current issues)
> +Update from GSNO Council provided by Councilors_Zahid Jamil and Mike Rodenbaugh
> +BC Charter updates driven by CSG and other Restructuring recommendations - CoModerated by Marilyn Cade and Chris Chaplow
> +update on Operations and Finance - Chris Chaplow, V.Chair, Operations and Finance
> - communications plan + presentation of prototype newsletter-initiative 
> -Finance Committee
> + planning for Cartegeha - Marilyn Cade
> +NomComm overview - Chris Martin and Mike Roberts, appointees to NC from BC
> + Chair's Round UP
> 5:30 Meeting ends 
> 6-7:30 p.m. Networking reception with USG, other industry BC candidates, guests
> The CSG [Commercial Stakeholder Group] must update its charter in time to submit it before Cartegena meeting in December,
> and there are related updates which will affect the BC Charter.  The BC also needs to critically examine its current policy prioritiesö
> look at the range of rapporteur reps, and plan for a challenging rest of year and early 2011. The BC will be holding elections in
> October for Councilor and confirming the V.Chair of Operations and Finance, and preparing for elections of officers in January
> for the four offices of Chair, V.Chair, Operations and Finance, V.Chair, Policy Coordination, and CSG Rep. A lot is happening at
> ICANN that has implications for the role of the business user community in guiding and influencing ICANN as an entity, as well
> as in gTLD policy. Policy decisions in the cc area and in related secuirity issues, which are broader than gTLD GNSO issues
> are also growing in importance to business.
> Accordingly, we will host a meeting, which will be anchored in Washington, D.C., but have remote participation supported 
> by ICANN, for all BC members, on October 12.  Many mambers have asked for more time to debate and dicuss business
> perspectives and policy topics, and like many other constituencies, we need to develop more discussion opportunities among our
> members. During this meeting, the V.Chair of Operations and Finance and BC colleagues working with him will also present
> a prototype of a BC communique.
> While we have added several new members since the new election of officers in 2010, supported by outreach by all of our
> active members, we need to do more outreach and recruitment.
> Therefore, the BC also will examine some emerging issues with some invited speakers in two one hour sessions, followed by a BC 
> members discussion, which will include a discussion on the BC Charter changes which will be then formulated into 
> a BC Charter's Update and circulated to the BC Membership for two rounds of comments, via email, and follow up conference
> call, later in October.
> All of these sessions will be transcribed. Decisions on the Charter for CSG and BC changes will not be made at the Oct. 12
> meeting, but members input, which will include electronic comments or submissions by email will be gathered and incorporated
> into draft Charter for circulation.
> The two topics which will provide the emerging issues 'panels'
> are 
> SSR -- Security, Stability and Resiliency, which will b a discussion with experts from both BC members and one or two 
> industry wide experts
> The role and considerations of 'brands' TLDs, which will include two guests participants from NGO brands.
> Both of these sessions are to provoke exchange of views, information, and perspective.They will include invited guests from
> companies who the BC is interested in recruiting to membership.
> These sessions will be followed by a BC members only discussion about these topics and how they fit into the BC's mission
> and an examination of gTLD policy priorities and current activities, with a view to develop priorities for rest of year, and early 2011.
> [This session will be co-moderated by Marilyn Cade and Steve DelBianco]
> The outreach/recruitment/informational sessions are being planned by invited members to expand the role and involvement
> of our BC members.  A panel description for each panel will be shared shortly.
> Chris Chaplow, V.Chair, Operations and Finance will also review a new communications pilot he has undertaken with
> the assistance of one of our members, John Berard. He will also introduce the new Finance subCommittee members Jon Nevett
> and Anders Halvorsen.
> NomComm Appointees Mike Roberts and Chris Martin are also invited to give a short overview of their expectations for the
> 2011 NomComm process and highlight the importance of early outreach via BC members to possible broader business candidates
> for the range of positions appointed by the NC.
> Finally, we will begin the effort to update the BC Charter by looking at the CSG Charter, and the output-recommendations that are'being approved
> from the Council accepting the recommendations of various restructuring committees with a briefing by ICANN staff, and then
> discuss the highlighted areas of possible enhancements to the BC Charter. (again, this is a briefing and overview discussion with
> online distribution fo charter changes. All decisions will be made after two rounds of email consultations to follow this briefing).
> The BC is a unique constituency and one that can significantly change its role in ICANN through increasing its focus on SSR and
> other issues that are now becoming a key concern, augmenting the present set of key concerns. We have added 11 new members
> since the new leadership was elected, and the members include several with a key expertise in SSR.  '
> Most other constituencies hold face to face meetings during the year, and we may work toward such an event for all BC members
> ion early 2011. For this upcoming meeting, we will focus on drawing those who can travel to Washington, DC for face to face,
> and work hard with ICANN on remote participation and transcription to make your investment of time well worthwhile.
> The fuller set of speakers for the two informational sessions is being finalized and will be distributed shortly.
> Marilyn Cade
> BC Chair

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