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Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 24 09:16:46 UTC 2010

Update and advisory to BC members regarding Oct 12 sessions

This is a reminder to mark your calendar for the Oct 12 sessions. Some will not be of interest to 
all BC members, and the day of work is designed in modules, to enable interested members to 
pick and chose.

The CSG Charter working session is looking like it is more of an experts discussion with staff
and I doubt that will have high appeal to all members, but it will be open to any interested BC members.
There will be two roundtables which are informational sessions and will also include invited guests who 
may be recruitment opportunities. 

Informal lunch with roundtable speakers and ICANN staff

BC Meeting for members only - 
Policy Session - 2 hours (may be modified as needed) 
-Two to three topics will be discussed in detail with Members 15-20 min each
-Updates on other existing policy topics from Rapporteurs-Working Groups
-Proposal from V.Chair, Policy Coordination for updating policy positions and
NomComm members from BC - 10 minutes
Administrative and Management Update - 15 minutes
Communications and Membership Recruitment Initiatives - 10 Minutes
BC Charter - overview and identification areas for change and improvement - 45 minutes 
(supported by ICANN staff with expertise and familiarity with GNSO Restructuring WGs)

Chair note: I am seeing some questions about what will happen on the Oct 12 sessions. Please
look at the agenda, which has been sent out a couple of times now, and now includes input
from different members, including some of our newest members. 

All sessions will be transcribed and the Charter discussions are to gain input, so that then an
updated charter can be distributed. We will address questions from members about why to make
changes during the session and can also take written submissions about sections to update or
not update, via email. Send the email proposals on the BC Charter to Marilyn, Sarah and Chris, and Steve
and the CSG charter suggestions to Sarah, with a cc to Marilyn. Please do not use the full list for those
submissions. We will aggregate them and put them into a single document to post to the list, so that members
are not receiving random emails about that topic. Many members strongly prefer to have a less back and forth
about such topics, and we can easily honor their request by this method of gathering input on the CSG Charter
and BC Charter discussion segments. 

We will also hear from Chris and one of our members regarding a new newsletter approach, which will be
an exciting new improvement to members communications. 

Remote participation will be supported by ICANN, and all sessions will be transcribed. 

Marilyn Cade
BC Chair

CC: ExComm

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