[bc-gnso] CSG charter

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Wed Sep 29 07:59:22 UTC 2010

thanks for the clarification when you wrote:
"the actual drafting process will begin at the DC meeting"

So I believe I understand where we are on this.
1. In 2009, Tony Holmes , J Scott Evans and myself acted as the CSG executive
committee and drafted the CSG interim Charter. This was then adopted by each
constituency and approved by the Board in July 2009.
2. CSG Charter article 8.2 states - "create a consensus process for a Final CSG
Charter (the "Final Charter") for adoption no later than three months prior to
the commencement of the 2010 annual ICANN meeting" 
This means we told the Board the CSG final charter adoption process would start
6 September 2010.
The intent was that the drafting process would precede the adoption process.
3. The CSG liaison who replaced me on the CSG executive committee was elected by
the BC on 5 February 2010.The completion of the CSG final Charter was the number
one priority for the CSG liaison.
4. Nothing happened between February and June 2010.
5. In Brussels - 21-25 June 2010 -  there was a meeting of the CSG executive
6. Since then nothing has happened.
Is this correct ?

I have two requests.
a) May I and Ron see the notes of the CSG executive committee meeting in
Brussels please so we may get a flavour of what was discussed.
b) Please explain what you believe you may achieve in the October 12 DC BC
members drafting plenary.


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