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We have all been waiting for information on when the intercessional meeting between Board and GAC regarding new gTLDs would take place.  For some time, wehave been hearing Brussels as location/and end of February as date. 
I am forwarding the very recent announcement that was posted to the ICANN site over the week-end and forwarded to constituency chairs, announcing the dates/location, and process for the resolution of outstanding issues that the GAC has identified with the new gTLD process.  While only GAC and Board or invited experts will participate, the meeting will be open, scribed, and streamed. 
 The BC's stated areas of outstanding concerns, as provided in BC's most recent submissions are the basis of BC public views/positions.   Please note that there is a commitment to publish papers prior to the meeting. Earlier, the GAC indicted informally they would provide  their 'checklist' of topics where they consider their concerns/advice have not been addressed.
With these documents in mind,  Steve DelBianco, as BC Vice Chair, Policy Coordination, may be proposing further discussion of the BC's priorities, and the   GAC's and ICANN's perspectives. 
We can discuss that during our next BC members call, which will be scheduled shortly to give an opportunity to preview the GNSO Council Agenda [sent separately to the BC list]. 

The link, and the text for anyone reading on a hand held device, is pasted below.
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 http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-21jan11-en.htm ICANN's Board and GAC to Meet on New gTLDs

 21 January 2011
 During the recent ICANN meeting in Cartagena, the ICANN Board of Directors and Governmental Advisory Committee agreed to meet at some time prior to the upcoming Silicon Valley/San Francisco meeting in order to devote significant time in the interest of resolving the outstanding issues the GAC has identified with the new gTLD process.

 Planning for that meeting has occurred and the Board and the GAC have agreed to meet on 28 February and 1 March 2011, in Brussels, at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre, Mont des Arts - Kunstberg, Brussels.
 The purpose of the meeting is to:
 1. Identify the specific differences between Governmental Advisory Committee ("GAC") advice and the current implementation of the GNSO New gTLD Policy recommendations embodied in the Applicant Guidebook.
 2. Through discussion among Board and GAC members, either:
 a. arrive at an agreed upon resolution of those differences, or
b. for those issues not resolved, identify what differences remain. This meeting is not intended to address the requirements/steps outlined in the Bylaws mandated Board-GAC consultation process

The meeting will be open, scribed and streamed live over the Internet. Only GAC members, ICANN Board members, select ICANN staff members and subject matter experts will participate in the discussion, whether in person or remotely. It will be possible for interested parties to attend and observe proceedings.  Remote participation facilities will also be made available. 

 Papers to inform the discussions will be published prior to the meeting. Details of the agenda and logistics will be made available closer to the meeting.
 ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) plays a key role within ICANN, particularly with regard to providing advice to the Board on public policy issues. The GAC has been actively involved in the discussions on the introduction of new gTLDs and has regularly provided advice to the ICANN Board on a number of issues, which the Board has sought to address. The most recent GAC communiqué [PDF, 45 KB] identified a number of issues associated with the introduction of new gTLDs that the GAC considers outstanding, or unresolved to the GAC's satisfaction.
 The new gTLD program has its origins in carefully deliberated policy development work by the ICANN community. In October 2007, following more than 18 months of community discussions, the GNSO formally completed its policy development work on new gTLDS and approved a set of 19 policy recommendations. In June 2008, ICANN's Board of Directors adopted the policy recommendations and directed staff to commence work on an implementation plan.
 The first version of the Applicant Guidebook was posted for public comment on 1 October 2008, and since that time a further four versions have followed with the most recent, the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook published on 10 November 2010. Each version has been revised as a result of comments received via the respective public comment fora. The ICANN meeting in Cartagena provided the platform for discussion of the latest version, and provided an opportunity for the Board to hear first hand, the community's views.

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