[bc-gnso] update to members- a reminder of the purpose of BC call Monday and update about ICANN schedule in SF

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Sat Mar 5 09:44:12 UTC 2011

To: BC Members
From: BC Chair

CC: Ex Comm

The ExComm met on Friday via phone to discuss the reorganization of the ICANN meeting in S.F. 
Members are asked to stay tuned for a more thorough briefing on Monday on what the ICANN meeting will look like, overall.
The good news is that due to the (at last) improved understanding of the Board that the governments are in fact legitimate
parts of the Stakeholders, and that many of the topics in their Scorecard are legitimate and summarize and include reflections
from the business users, ISPs, contracted parties, and ALAC via their own comments into the ICANN processes, the Board
decided to hear input, not to merely receive input.

Whether the BC always agrees with the Scorecard or not, it was an impressive document in its organizational approach.

The ICANN meeting in S.F. has many new challenges
1) Constituency Day is affected
2) there are two days of Board and GAC discussions re DAG improvements
3) Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will speak at the Gala and there will be increased security sweeps (facts of life as those who hang out with Presidents should be aware of and have taken into account in terms of impact on meeting)
4) Our social event is challenged, but still underway in planning, if I can confirm the start time. Peter is confirmed to spend some time at that, although there is a competing ICANN event as well
5) CSG collaborations are a bit challenging
6) There will be a lot of business folks and we need to be recruiting them to join the BC, and not letting them drift into a vacuum or into a different constituency due to lack of our own initiative in welcoming and interacting with them
7) The Breakfast is still on on Tuesday and our guests (TBC) would be the full ICANN Staff, from COO on to rest of staff. A FIRST, and possibly a strategic step, if that can be actualized.
8) The CSG interaction with the Board is up in the air until we learn whether Tuesday is Day One of Two Days devoted to Board and GAC discussions on new gTLDS.
9) In the Excomm meeting yesterday, the Excomm members on the call discussed that if Tuesday is devoted to the Board and GAC, and if those are open, that the majority of our members will want to be observers. Accordingly, on Monday, you will have the best and most up to date proposal from us based on what we are able to confirm today and Sunday from my interactions with staff. 
we may break our interactions into lunch time segments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, if Constituency Day is the day that the Board and GAC meet for their first of two days. While that hampers other BC business, our consensus conclusion was that would be the preference of the majority of BC members.
IF the meetingsa re not open to observers, we will proceed with our earlier plans, and have a CSG discussion and a BC meeting.$
I wish I could tell you more now. 

It was not that I did not meet with Diane and Peter and talk to Heather. However, too much fluidity to have any answers as of Friday. Work is going on franticallz to do the best they can on organization on the meeting and updates.

I do expect a read out from Kurt on the 1a category items on both Weekend to GNSO meetings, and again on Monday to the fuller community. That is my expectation, so please treat that as expectation, not confirmation.

The ExComm will brief first on this topic on Monday BC  call REGARDING THE DAG AND THE STATUS AS WE KNOW IT OF 1aö 1b, and 2 items. Steve will have his usual excellent approach for prioritizing and focusing us on what we need to do on 1b or 2 categories, to support improvements that are consistent withi BC interests. At 10é30 a.m., we will focus on the Council agenda prioritiesé 
led by Zahid and John. This will include, but is not limited to WHOIS. 

WHOIS: BC Councilors, on your hehalf, have gotten Staff to write a motion to support _ fully_ funding the WHOIS studies, and John and Zadid are engaged in recruiting a second to the motion, John has proposed it to the Council list, and we all agreed to help as we have contacts in other constituencies to advance full funding for all four studies. Staff was great and drafted a motion as soon as John contacted them and have been briefing John on the historical issues.  While some constituencies might have some reluctance, still this is a Council agreement to do the studies. The BC compromised a LOT when we agreed to study, rather than make changes asap, and the other constituencies on the Contracted party side need to be encouraged to support the motion.  On the CSG and NCSG side, we will need to support John and Zahid as they undertake their outreach and ensurance of support to the motion. 

WHOIS has such broad support from the BC, and a long  history of BC leadership.  I only mention this to assure the BC members that the ExComm fully supports the BC members priorities in this area, and that all of us are fully committed to getting the studies fully funded and advanced.

There are other priorities to address and this will move very quickly. Positions need to be worked out ahead of the call and presented on the call, not debated.$
All motions are due to Council on 3-8, so if you have a motion for the consideration of the BC, you should talk to the ExComm and work with one of the Councilors on what that is so that they can get staff to help them to draft a motion, or draft themselves. Motions should be discussed on the Membership call, though, not bypass the members, unless there is alreadty agreement by the members. 

All motions would require a second, of course.

at 10:45 a.m. or as close to that as possible, Chris and I will present the proposed and practical approach to BC meetings and engagements at ICANN, based on the information we have about the schedule, and take questions. 

There are some disappointments to us all in the changes. However, business is better at making adjustments and improvements to a chaotic situation than anyone I know. We will work together to make the ICANN S.F. meeting a success for us, and for the businesses we are all working to add to our membership. 

I am flying until around 5 p.m. EST on Saturday. I will read any members emails and suggestions upon arrival, and on Sunday, Chris and I will be reorganizing as we can to adjust to the information about the S.F. schedule.

Marilyn Cade /on behalf of the ExComm

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i'm joining the crowd lobbying for Contract Compliance as a topic.  
On Mar 4, 2011, at 3:44 PM, <lynn at goodsecurityconsulting.com> wrote:
Contractual compliance is at the top of my list.Processes and controls for new gTLDs is my next priority as it relates to SSR.Thanks,Lynn

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      My present response is to Ron Andruff's question about Compliance.

YES indeed. that should be a part of the SSR topics! Thanks.   

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