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Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
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Can you explain why Bill has been invited to the call?  Does it have to do
with his potential board candidacy?  For my part, unless and until he IS a
candidate, this seems premature.


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff

RNA Partners, Inc.




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Dear Members,


There will be a BC Members briefing on Wednesday at 10.00 ET    (7am PT,
14.00hrs UTC, 15.00 CET, 19.00 PKT) 


The purpose of the call will be to: 


1)      Debrief issues related to Board decisions:  10 minutes - Marilyn
Cade, Chair

2)      Update on input to the Board on the new gTLD program  (next steps
for BC): 15 minutes - Steve DelBianco, V.Chair

3)      Overview of the Election Process for Board Seat: 15 minutes - Sarah
Deutsch, CSG Rep

4)      An invited guest (Bill Graham) from outside the BC (who may become a
board candidate) has been invited to join the call: 20 minutes - Sarah
Deutsch, CSG Rep.   


The call will be transcribed so that members not available can read the
transcript later. 


Dial in details will be sent to bcprivate list by Benedetta shortly. 



With best regards,


Chris Chaplow

Vice Chair Finance and Operations

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