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I do as well.





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i like Philip's new draft.  




On May 4, 2011, at 3:45 AM, Philip Sheppard wrote:


I think this reads well.

I would strengthen our fundamental point about equal treatment in the
opening paragraph.




While the BC generally supports the renewal of the .NET registry
agreement including Verisign's requested changes, the BC recommends that
the .NET registry adhere to selected requirements mandated by the new
gTLD Program. 



The BC believes in the principle of equal treatment. Under this as
ICANN's contracts evolve to suit changing market conditions, the ICANN
contract renewal process should be the opportunity to upgrade older
contracts to the new standards. This is fair both from a public interest
perspective and from a competition law perspective. Under the ICANN
process the contract parties are in the room when the conditions for new
market entrants are being set. Under these unusual circumstances the
contract parties cannot expect their older contracts to be immune from
the changes they themselves are imposing on their future competitors.


In the context of .NET therefore, ICANN should seek as a fundamental
principle to amend this contract to equate with the requirements of the
new gTLD program.


Specific requirements of interest to the BC are the following ....




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