[bc-gnso] FW: NCPH Election for BOARD SEAT 14: second round of voting results - Election outcome announced below

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Sat May 7 16:04:11 UTC 2011

The Elections Officer, Glen de St. Gery, has posted the election outcome for the Board Seat 14.  Bill Graham has received 8 votes, which meets the 60% threshold required, and is a duly elected Board member, via the agreed voting procedures within the NCPH. Thus, the election is concluded, with the outcome announced below.  

I am forwarding an exerpt from the message to the Councilors/officers of the House, to the BC-GNSO list for your information. I will craft a note to Bill and to Avri, thanking both for standing for this election.  Should you wish to send private messages to either candidate, please do so to their individual emails, and not on the BC public list.  
We were fortunate to have two candidates, and I know that we all appreciate that both were willing to commit to the time commitment and responsibilities associated with being an ICANN Board member. As all of you know, Board members do not represent the entities that elect them, but have a broader responsibility to the full community of ICANN stakeholders. Only six Board members are actually elected. Eight are 'selected' via the Nominating Committee process, which will also be making decisions /deliberating in June. 
On a separate note, the BC will be convening a discussion with the Nominating Committee members pre and during Singapore to have discussions regarding the challenges facing ICANN.  
This election outcome will mean that Bill Graham, as a duly elected Board member via the NCPH [non contracted party house] will attend the May Board retreat, and be seated as a Board member at the conclusion of Singapore's Board meeting. 
 As you all know, Peter Dengate Thrush, the Chair, and Rita Rodin Johnston will be leaving the Board at the end of the Singapore meeting. I will be announcing some ideas for how the BC might recognize departing Board members during the ICANN meeting.  We will save that for later discussions. In the meantime, thanks to the BC members for your ongoing input on this important election, and to our BC Councilors for their service in representing the interests and views of the BC.  

 This message below regarding outcome of the election was sent from the Elections Officer, as noted above.
Marilyn Cade, BC Chair
The second  round of voting for the NCPH election for the ICANN Board Seat 14  closed on Friday, 6 May, 2011 at 23:59 UTC.
As per the election procedures, the candidate receiving at least 8 votes wins.  The candidates have been notified of the results.·         Eight (8) votes for Bill Graham·         Five (5) votes for Avri Doria 
All thirteen votes were registered. 

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