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Dear BC Members,
Please find below the sorted agenda for the ICANN Meeting in Singapore. The full agenda can be found here: http://singapore41.icann.org/full-schedule

I will be working with the Chair and Vice Chairs to complete an annotated agenda with all BC meetings and events, which will be discussed on Thursday's BC Members call. 

Kindest Regards,

Benedetta Rossi
BC Secretariat

Saturday, 18 June 2011TimeEventRoom08:30 - 09:30VIP Plenary Session 1 (CLOSED)Olivia09:45 - 11:15Work Session 1 - Chinese (CLOSED)Moor09:45 - 11:15Work Session 1 - Devengari (CLOSED)Morrison09:45 - 11:15Work Session 1 - Latin (CLOSED)Olivia11:30 - 13:00Work Session 1 - Cyrillic (CLOSED)Morrison11:30 - 13:00Work Session 1 - Greek (CLOSED)Moor11:30 - 13:00Work Session 1- Arabic (CLOSED)Olivia12:00 - 19:00GNSO Working SessionSophia13:00 - 14:30VIP Plenary Session 2 and Working Lunch (CLOSED)Olivia14:00 - 16:00GAC Plenary (CLOSED)Collyer14:45 - 16:15Work Session 2 - Cyrillic (CLOSED)Morrison14:45 - 16:15Work Session 2 - Greek (CLOSED)Moor14:45 - 16:15Work Session 2 - Latin (CLOSED)Olivia16:30 - 18:00GAC Plenary (CLOSED)Collyer16:30 - 18:00Work Session 2 - Arabic (CLOSED)Olivia16:30 - 18:00Work Session 2 - Chinese (CLOSED)Moor16:30 - 18:00Work Session 2 - Devengari (CLOSED)MorrisonSunday, 19 June 2011TimeEventRoom09:00 - 12:00Board/GAC Joint Working GroupCollyer09:00 - 17:00WHOIS Review Team: Face-to-Face MeetingMorrison09:00 - 18:00ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session 1VIP Lounge09:00 - 18:30GNSO Working SessionSophia09:30 - 10:30Fellowship Meet and Greet (CLOSED)Orchard A/B11:00 - 12:00Welcome to ICANNCanning12:00 - 13:00Policy UpdateCanning13:00 - 15:00Strategic and Operational Planning Working Group (SOP) (CLOSED)Moor14:00 - 14:30ICANN Remote Participation ServicesCanning14:00 - 15:00GAC/ALAC Joint SessionCollyer15:00 - 16:00ccNSO Finance Working Group (CLOSED)Moor16:00 - 17:00ccNSO Tech Working Group (CLOSED)Moor16:00 - 17:30New gTLD BasicsCanning16:00 - 18:00Board/GAC ConsultationCollyer18:30 - 20:30Welcome Reception sponsored by NeustarCanningMonday, 20 June 2011TimeEventRoom07:00 - 09:00Fellowship Morning MeetingOrchard A/B09:00 - 10:30Welcome CeremonyCanning/Padang10:00 - 16:00ccNSO Tech DayOlivia11:00 - 12:30Board Session - New gTLD ProgramCanning/Padang12:30 - 14:00Joint ccNSO/GNSO Council MeetingSophia13:00 - 14:30Forum on DNS AbuseCanning/Padang14:30 - 15:30APRALO Showcase EventBencoolen14:30 - 16:00New gTLD UpdateCanning/Padang16:00 - 17:30DNSSEC for Everybody - A Beginner's GuideOlivia16:00 - 17:30IDN Variant TLDCanning/Padang17:30 - 18:30Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Working Group (JIG)MoorTuesday, 21 June 2011TimeEventRoom07:00 - 09:00Fellowship Morning MeetingOrchard A/B08:00 - 09:30Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG) Breakfast (CLOSED)SB Foyer08:00 - 18:00Registrar Stakeholder Group MeetingSophia09:00 - 11:00SSAC Meeting with the SSR Review Team (CLOSED)Moor09:00 - 12:30Non Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) Working SessionBras Basah09:00 - 15:00GAC Plenary Session (CLOSED)Collyer09:00 - 17:00Registries Stakeholder GroupMorrison09:00 - 18:00ccNSO Members Meeting Day 1Olivia09:30 - 11:00ALAC: Policy Discussion - Part 1VIP Lounge09:45 - 12:30Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG) MeetingPadang11:00 - 12:00SSAC Meeting with the WHOIS Review Team (CLOSED)Moor11:00 - 12:30ALAC: Policy Discussion - Part IIVIP Lounge13:00 - 14:00APRALO Monthly MeetingVIP Lounge13:00 - 16:30Commercial and Business Users Constituency (BC) MeetingMoor14:00 - 16:00Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) MeetingOrchard A/B14:00 - 16:30Internet Service Provider & Connectivity Provider Constituency (ISPCP) MeetingBras Basah14:00 - 18:00Non Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) Face-to-Face MeetingVIP Lounge15:30 - 16:30WHOIS Review Team: Interaction with ALACPadang17:00 - 19:00Fellowship SocialSB Foyer20:30 - 00:00Music Night sponsored by Public Interest RegistryCanningWednesday, 22 June 2011TimeEventRoom07:00 - 09:00Fellowship Morning MeetingOrchard A/B08:00 - 09:00Joint ccNSO Council/ICANN Board Breakfast (CLOSED)SB Foyer08:30 - 10:30The Current State of the UDRPPadang08:30 - 14:00DNSSEC WorkshopCanning09:00 - 10:30At-Large Regional Leadership MeetingVIP Lounge09:00 - 11:00WHOIS Policy Review Team: Interaction with RySG & RrSGSophia09:00 - 15:30ccNSO Members Meeting Day 2Olivia11:00 - 12:00Constituent/Stakeholder Travel SupportOrchard A/B11:00 - 12:30Enabling Future Directory Services for Registration DataSophia12:30 - 14:00Workshop on Metrics for Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer ChoicePadang13:00 - 15:00ASO AC Workshop on IP Addressing ActivitesSophia14:00 - 15:00FY12 Draft Operating Plan and BudgetOrchard A/B14:00 - 15:30AFRALO/AfrICANN Joint MeetingVIP Lounge14:00 - 18:30GNSO Council Public MeetingPadang14:30 - 16:00WHOIS Review Team: Interaction with the CommunityCanning14:30 - 18:00GAC Plenary Session (CLOSED)Collyer16:00 - 17:00ccNSO Council MeetingOlivia16:00 - 18:00WHOIS Review Team: Internal DebriefingMoor16:30 - 18:00IDN Practical ExperiencesCanning18:30 - 23:00Gala Nightoff-siteThursday, 23 June 2011TimeEventRoom07:00 - 09:00Fellowship Morning MeetingOrchard A/B08:30 - 09:30SSAC Public MeetingSophia08:30 - 10:30ALAC & Regional Leadership Wrap-Up MeetingVIP Lounge09:00 - 09:30IDN PDP WG 1 (CLOSED)Orchard A/B09:00 - 10:00SSR Review Team: Interaction with the CommunityMorrison09:00 - 10:30GAC/WHOIS Review TeamCollyer09:00 - 10:30The Need for IPv6 Deployment in the Domain BusinessOlivia09:30 - 10:30IDN PDP Working Group 2 (CLOSED)Orchard A/B09:30 - 10:30Internationalized Registration Data Working Group: Update on ActivitiesSophia09:30 - 10:30Public Participation Committee Community UpdateCanning/Padang10:00 - 17:00SSR Review Team: Face-to-Face MeetingMorrison10:30 - 12:00Joint DNS Security and Stability Analysis Working Group (DSSA) (CLOSED)Orchard A/B11:00 - 12:30Best Practices to Address the Abusive Registration of Domain NamesOlivia11:00 - 12:30Geographic Regions Review Working Group WorkshopMoor11:00 - 12:30IGF WorkshopCanning/Padang12:00 - 13:00Study Group on Use of Names for Countries and Territories (CLOSED)Orchard A/B12:30 - 14:00Getting Ready: Understanding the Applicant Guidebook QuestionaireCanning/Padang12:30 - 14:00GNSO Wrap-Up SessionSophia13:00 - 14:00ALAC/At-Large Meeting with RegistrarsVIP Lounge14:00 - 17:00Framework of Interpretation Working Group (FoI)Olivia14:00 - 18:30ICANN Public ForumCanning/Padang17:00 - 18:00Incident Repository Implementation Working Group (IRI) (CLOSED)OliviaFriday, 24 June 2011TimeEventRoom07:00 - 09:00Fellowship Morning MeetingMorrison09:00 - 10:00SO/AC Chair ReportsCanning/Padang11:00 - 12:30Trademark Clearinghouse Implementaiton DiscussionPadang14:00 - 16:00ALAC Executive CommitteeVIP Lounge 		 	   		  
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