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Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
Mon Dec 17 19:26:11 UTC 2012

Dear colleagues,


Following Wolf-Ulrich Knoben's (ISP Constituency) two years as Chair of the
Standing Committee for Improvements Implementation (SCI), yours truly has
been elected to the post.  I have a one year term with an option to extend
for a second year, at which time I become term limited and cannot continue
as Chair.  Avri Doria (NCUC) remains as Vice Chair, a position she held
under Wolf-Ulrich's tenure.


By way of background, the SCI is the only standing committee of the GNSO and
it is responsible for reviewing and assessing the effective functioning of
recommendations provided by the Operational Steering Committee (OSC), Policy
Process Steering Committee (PPSC) and Policy Development Process Work Team
(PDP-WT) during the most recent (2010) GNSO review.  Recommendations to
implement operational changes, and recommendations for all process changes
needed to meet the requirements contained in the "Board Governance Committee
GNSO Review Working Group On GNSO Improvements", which are to be implemented
with approval and under the guidance of the Council, once handed down by the


In simple terms, the SCI is responsible for knocking off rough edges to make
sure that new policy pegs fit in their round holes.


As I will be taking over the Chair of the SCI on Thursday, December 20th, I
wanted to provide the BC membership with a short summary of activities the
SCI has addressed and what is on the calendar for your review.  This list is
in 'shorthand' so please contact me directly should you have any questions
or input.


Open Items:

1.  Suspension of a PDP:  Revised language for the footnote is being
discussed.  No consensus on a revision but 90% complete. (Expect to finalize
on our upcoming call and will report back with the specifics on the issue
and its resolution as soon as this has been resolved.)  

2.  Working Group Survey: The survey is intended to gather feedback on
improving the effectiveness and outputs of PDP Working Groups.  Currently
under review by the SCI members and the deadline for SCI member testing is
19 December.  Staff will compile results for 20 December SCI meeting.


Recent Actions:

1.  Chair and Vice Chair Election: Glen (election officer) sent the ballot
to the SCI members and alternates.  The poll was open for one week. --
COMPLETED:  Ron Andruff, Chair; Avri Doria, Vice-Chair

2. Deferral of Motions: Wolf-Ulrich will provide the results of the
discussion to the GNSO Council.  There is no need for a motion. --
COMPLETED: Wolf-Ulrich sent the results to the Council on 13 Dec 2012.  No
further action unless requested by Council.

3.  Raising an Issue: SCI members agreed that the SCI will only take on
issues raised by the GNSO Council, which is currently the practice.  We will
maintain the status quo and review this matter again in one year. --
COMPLETED: Wolf-Ulrich sent the results to the Council on 13 Dec 2012.  No
further action unless requested by Council.

4.  Suspension of a PDP: SCI members will review the proposed revised
footnote language that discusses how the community and Board will be
informed of a suspension. -- UNDER DISCUSSION: No consensus yet on revised

5.  Working Group Survey: SCI members will review the Working Group
Guidelines and take the Survey (sent via a separate email) by COB Wednesday,
19 December.  Julie will compile the survey results and any comments and
provide an update at the meeting on 20 December. -- IN PROCESS:  SCI members
are requested to take the survey and provide comments.  Julie will compile
results for discussion on 20 December


As always, if any BC members have thoughts or concerns regarding the SCI,
please advise me, or our alternate rep, Angie Graves.


Thank you.


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff

RNA Partners, Inc.



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