[bc-gnso] UPDATE from calls with community regarding GNSO Budget:

Chris Chaplow chris at andalucia.com
Wed Feb 1 21:53:07 UTC 2012

UPDATE from calls with community regarding GNSO Budget:


Over the two days, Officers Ron Andruff, Chris Chaplow, and Marilyn Cade
joined the two calls. Neither call was well attended, with probably less
than 8-9 participants per call. However, separate calls were scheduled with
SOs and ACs.However, we have received confirmation that Janice Lange is
gathering all the community input  as well as the action items and these
will be posted with all public comments on the ICANN website.


In the meantime, the recordings and the transcripts of the GNSO Budget
consultations on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 January  are posted on page

(the record for 26 January is complete)

26 January FY 13 Budget Framework Webinar 20:00 UTC
<http://icann.adobeconnect.com/p4qw770idhn/> Adobe Connect Recording

*	Chat Transcript
*	Presentation
*	Transcript

27 January FY 13 Budget Framework Webinar 14:00 UTC

(will be completed later today)

Chat Transcript


During the call, Ken Stubbs and Marilyn Cade asked ICANN about how they are
addressing the possibility of impact on ICANN's not for profit status. That
question is resulting in a further discussion with ICANN and any outcomes of
those discussions will be posted to the BC.


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