[bc-gnso] ALERTS from the Secretariat: TAS Interruption - Update (4 May 2012)

Hansen, Anjali AHansen at council.bbb.org
Mon May 7 12:14:59 UTC 2012

Thanks Benedetta.

2091 new TLDs to be prepared for.  My major concerns about this are below:

1)      The first thing that I am up in arms about is that the ICM Registry responsible for the .xxx is also applying for .sex and .adult.  ICM will  allow all of those trademark owners who registered for domains in .xxx to now do the same in .sex and .adult.  As you recall, ICM made many millions off of anyone who didn't want to be associated with its .xxx and now they will be allowed to make millions more.

It seems as if the brilliant business model in domaining is to apply for a registry everyone is afraid of being associated with and then take their money .  I am hoping this committee might want to insist that ICANN put an end to such trademark blackmail.  I'd like to get my money back for the trademarks I've had to block in .xxx.  Not to mention that ICM has reserved BBB.xxx for their own use despite not holding the trademark thereto.  Thus, we couldn't block our most famous trademark from .xxx.

2)      I believe the legal and fair approach is to have everyone file their trademarks in a central Trademark Clearinghouse and the registries and registrars will thereby put on notice not to sell those trademarks, or deviations thereof, to anyone except the actual trademark holders.

Otherwise, we might have to defensively register or block in hundreds or even a thousand new TLDs.

I'd appreciate it if this committee would take on this issue of defensive registrations again at the appropriate time.  I appreciate all that you have done thus far, but ICANN hasn't taken the appropriate measures to date.

Thanks everyone.


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Dear BC Members,

Please find below an ICANN announcement.

Kind Regards,

Benedetta Rossi

BC Secretariat



TAS Interruption - Update (4 May 2012)

Statement by Akram Atallah, COO
4 May 2012

The TLD Application System, or TAS, held 2091 applications - either submitted or in progress - when it was taken offline on 12 April 2012.

In addition, there are 214 potential applications that were registered prior to the 29 March cut-off date, but whose payments have not yet been received or reconciled.

ICANN has received approximately USD $350 million in fees for applications for new gTLDs.

As we have reported, we are in the process of notifying applicants whether they were affected by the software glitch, and plan to complete this process on or before Tuesday, 8 May. Shortly after that process is complete, we will announce the schedule for reopening TAS and completing the application period. Once the system is reopened, we will keep it open for at least five business days.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to bring the TLD application system back online.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org<mailto:gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org>

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