[bc-gnso] FY13 Operating Plan and Budget Comment

Gabriela Szlak gabrielaszlak at gmail.com
Fri May 25 18:55:30 UTC 2012

Thank you Chris,

I agree with Marilyn: As one of the two fellows you are referring to, I am
grateful the BC supports the fellowship program and agree to support small
business participants from developing countries.

>From my experience, most SMEs from my region are unaware of the work ICANN

In that sense, as we have been discussing, I believe that the BC interest
to support the fellowship program, must come together with outreach
targeted activities. I will be happy to discuss more on that.


Gabriela Szlak


2012/5/25 Marilyn Cade <marilynscade at hotmail.com>

>  Thanks for doing this,Chris.
> I understand from the CSG Budget Group call, which you chair [ISPCP, IPC,
> BC} that it would be useful to have members have a high level understanding
> on the broader categories, so that we can have a sense of BC priorities.
> I did want to ask though, about the lack of detail in the budget, such as
> the inability to find the Fellowship Program as a detailed item; or the
> communications budget; totals for salary/benefits for staff, etc. Were
> those not detailed in the Operating Plan and Budget?
> I recognize that the Fellowship Program has had limited contribution to
> the BC specifically, except in two cases, but it is a program that the BC
> supports, and has interest in strengthening how it does contribute to
> supporting more small business participants from developing countries.
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> Subject: [bc-gnso] FY13 Operating Plan and Budget Comment
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> Dear BC Members,
> Please find attached comments that I have submitted on the FY13 Operating
> Plan and Budget.
> We anticipate that the BC and the CSG will submit more detailed comments
> in the ‘reply round’  which opens tomorrow until the 15th June.
> I have asked a lot of clarification questions and drawn on material from
> our Framework Budget submission as I don’t think it was adequately
> addressed at that time.
> I think we should  focus on the 25 individual project comments in the
> reply round.
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