[bc-gnso] FY13 Operating Plan and Budget Comment

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I do appreciate the points you are making. It is also strange to me that the detail re comms is lacking. 
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Thank you Chris, 

I agree with Marilyn: As one of the two fellows you are referring to, I am grateful the BC supports the fellowship program and agree to support small business participants from developing countries.  

>From my experience, most SMEs from my region are unaware of the work ICANN does.  

In that sense, as we have been discussing, I believe that the BC interest to support the fellowship program, must come together with outreach targeted activities. I will be happy to discuss more on that.  


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 Thanks for doing this,Chris. 

I understand from the CSG Budget Group call, which you chair [ISPCP, IPC, BC} that it would be useful to have members have a high level understanding on the broader categories, so that we can have a sense of BC priorities.  

I did want to ask though, about the lack of detail in the budget, such as the inability to find the Fellowship Program as a detailed item; or the communications budget; totals for salary/benefits for staff, etc. Were those not detailed in the Operating Plan and Budget?  

I recognize that the Fellowship Program has had limited contribution to the BC specifically, except in two cases, but it is a program that the BC supports, and has interest in strengthening how it does contribute to supporting more small business participants from developing countries. 

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 Subject: [bc-gnso] FY13 Operating Plan and Budget Comment
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Dear BC Members,
Please find attached comments that I have submitted on the FY13 Operating Plan and Budget. 
We anticipate that the BC and the CSG will submit more detailed comments in the 'reply round'  which opens tomorrow until the 15th June.
I have asked a lot of clarification questions and drawn on material from our Framework Budget submission as I don't think it was adequately addressed at that time.  
I think we should  focus on the 25 individual project comments in the reply round. 
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