[bc-gnso] Bi-Weekly Status Report - March 29th, 2013

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really helpful roundup of what is happening with the BC, thank you.

From: Benedetta Rossi <bc-secretariat at icann.org<mailto:bc-secretariat at icann.org>>
Date: Saturday, March 30, 2013 12:27 PM
To: bc - GNSO list <bc-gnso at icann.org<mailto:bc-gnso at icann.org>>
Subject: [bc-gnso] Bi-Weekly Status Report - March 29th, 2013

Dear BC Members,

Please find below the bi-weekly Status Reports submitted by the Executive Committee and myself - BC Secretariat:

March 29, 2013

Elisa Cooper, Chair

  *   Hosted 3 member calls (1- Beijing Planning, 2 - Arab Center for Dispute Resolution Discussion, and 3 -Survey Results Review)
  *   Sent survey results to all members
  *   Finalized agenda for Beijing meeting and assisted with preparation of draft materials for CSG events
     *   Agreed to participate at ICANN Outreach Event to Business in Beijing on the morning of  April 11

Steve DelBianco, Vice Chair - Policy Coordination

  *   Breakfast meeting with ICANN CEO and senior staff in Washington DC on 21-Mar.   Marilyn and I acknowledged CEO for the public interest specification, RAA requirement, and Strawman implementation decisions.  Also raised concern over Singular and Plural TLD string decision, which Fadi agreed was very troubling.
  *   Singular vs plural contention sets: asked US and EC GAC Reps whether they had concerns about this issue. (USG had not yet looked at it)
  *   Comment on new Registry Agreement: drafted comments and circulated for member review; made revisions based on member comment; submitted to ICANN on 20-Mar.
  *   Comment on ACDR's proposal to be a UDRP provider: edited and circulated draft comment by Phil Corwin on 20-Mar; conducted member discussion call on 28-Mar; preparing alternate draft now.

Chris Chaplow, Vice Chair - Finance & Operations

  *   Prepare BC Newsletter and BC Factsheet for Beijing.
  *   Receive docs from contributors and finalize plan for designer and proof drafts V1 and V2 and V3 with designer and Excom. Planning meeting at printers.
  *   Resource Chinese Translator for Newsletter and Factsheet.
  *   Research ICANN Leadership Team, Global responsibilities , departments and VP for new newsletter chart. Confirm with Head of ICANN HR.
  *   Final drafting of SO/AC Fast Track budget requests for Secretariat Support. Solicit input from Excom and advise members. Submit to controller and confirm receipt.
  *   Attended ICANN outreach webinar and preparing submission of BC @ Chamber of Commerce in Spain May 7th Event to the Outreach Wiki in section for outreach community events.
  *    Attended Beijing Policy Webinar, gLTD update webinar, IRTP-D WG Call. BC Beijing Planning Call.

Marilyn Cade, CSG Representative

  *   Discussions with CSG excomm members to develop balanced input and collaboration on topics for CSG and Cross Constituency Breakfast
  *   Met with GAC Chair and other governments informally to discuss Cross Constituency Breakfast
  *   Provided article "On the road to Beijing" for Newsletter; review and edits to support Newsletter
  *   Participated in members calls held to listen and understand members views and concerns
  *   Interactions re Thursday breakfast with Chinese Industry with ICANN staff
  *   Interaction with CEO and ICANN staff
  *   Review of CSG Charter and BC Charter/validation of Charter review process with ICANN staff

John Berard, GNSO Councilor

  *   From the perspective of the GNSO Council, in the course of setting an agenda for the ccNSO Council and GNSO Council meeting in Beijing, there is significant push-back from the cc's with regard to the findings of the reputation research ICANN staff has conducted.  The consensus of the ccTLD managers is that they are viewed differently and more favorably than are gTLDs.

Benedetta Rossi, BC Secretariat:

Continued 2013 Membership Invoices procedure & follow up

·         Drafted & submitted GNSO Toolkit Services Request to ICANN Staff on behalf of the BC for FY14

o   Submitted to Excomm & full membership

·          Scheduled, attended and ensured smooth running of:

o   BC Members Beijing Planning Call

o   BC Members ACDR Discussion Call

o   BC Members Survey Discussion Call

o   CSG Excomm Beijing Planning Call

·         Drafted and submitted minutes for BC Members Beijing Planning Call

·         Submitted notes to CSG Excomm from the CSG Excomm Beijing Planning call

·         Wiki Updates:

o   Conference call information, transcripts, MP3 recordings

·         Beijing Preparation

o   Finalized invitation to Cross Constituency Breakfast for Beijing

o   Updated BC Members attendance list

o   Drafted tent cards for Cross Constituency Breakfast with GAC and handed them to GNSO Secretariat to bring to Beijing

o   Liaised with CSG for support regarding Beijing Preparation

o   Drafted BC annotated agenda

·         Assisted with preparation of BC Newsletter for Beijing

o   Researched different SGs & Constituencies

o   Proofread and submitted edits

·         BC Membership Applications:

o   Received, checked and submitted one applications to Credentials Committee: Pfizer

·         Managed member queries (eg: change in contact, mailing list updates, dial out set up)

·         Sent ICANN announcements to the BC list

·         Drafted Status Report & aggregated all other reports to submit to members

Thank you,

Kind Regards,

Benedetta Rossi
BC Secretariat
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