[bc-gnso] Board just published agenda for Public Forum

Steve DelBianco sdelbianco at netchoice.org
Thu Apr 11 05:40:17 UTC 2013

Agenda Details:

(4.5 Hours )(1330-1800)

  *   Introductory comments
     *   Time - (15-minutes) (1330-1345)
     *   Presenter: Steve Crocker

  *   Thanks to departing community leaders/members
     *   Time - (5-minutes)(1345-1350)
     *   Presenter: Steve Crocker

  *   Board Reporting
     *   Time - (15-minutes) (1350-1405)
     *   Open microphone for community response to Board reporting
        *   Time – (15-minutes)(1405-1420)
        *   Board Facilitator – Steve Crocker

  *   ISSUE SUBJECT: Registry & Registrar Agreements
     *   Time - (1-hour)(1420-1520)
     *   Board Facilitator – Bill Graham

BREAK (20-Minutes)(1520-1540)

  *   Presentation about ICANN 47
     *   Time - (5-minutes)(1540-1545)
     *   Presenter – Mokgabudi Lucky Masilela, .ZA Board Member

  *   ISSUE SUBJECT: new gTLD status
     *   Time – (1-hour) (1545-1645)

  *   ISSUE SUBJECT: Any additional business
     *   Time – (75 minutes)(1645-1800)
     *   Board Facilitator - Chris Disspain

Organization of the Forum:

The public forum has three main sections as follows:

  1.  Board Reporting: ICANN Board provides a report at the end of the ICANN meeting week.
  2.  Subject Specific Discussion: Time will be allotted for various topics (to be posted). This agenda is developed with input received from ICANN Community Leaders of Supporting Organizations, Advisory Councils and Stakeholder Groups/Constituencies and the community in general
  3.  Any Other Business: This is in essence a more relaxed open mic session where any subject may be raised to the Board.
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