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Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
Sat Apr 13 00:38:06 UTC 2013

I second Steve's excellent work - and that of the GAC - this week in BJ! A LOT was accomplished by all in attendance. Really enjoyed the team effort! Reminded me od my old playing days.... ;o)

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Ron Andruff

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Steve, I am in the middle, as many of us are, of analyzing the GAC Communique.  

You did a great job in the policy development/coordination in how we have been working with the IPC and others where possible on policy positions, and here in Beijing! 

I know some members were watching from afar! I for one think that the GAC deserves a bit more praise than some are inclined to offer. MUCH of what the BC asked for in the Strawman improvements, in accurate WHOIS, etc. is in there, directly or indirectly. 

More work ahead! 


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Subject: [bc-gnso] Post on singular-plural problems
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See the top posting on CircleID.


Tried to voice the concerns I heard from BC members over last several weeks.   With help from the GAC, we may see some progress here, too.

Steve DelBianco
Executive Director
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