[bc-gnso] Status Report - April 27th, 2013

Benedetta Rossi bc-secretariat at icann.org
Sat Apr 27 09:56:22 UTC 2013

Dear BC Members,

Please find below the bi-weekly Status Reports submitted by the Executive
Committee, Nominating Committee and myself - BC Secretariat on April 27th,


Elisa Cooper, Chair


.         Worked with Benedetta to create BC meeting schedule through the
end of 2013

.         Scheduled call and created agenda for April 26th BC member call

.         Initiated new election for Finance and Operations Officer


Steve DelBianco, Vice Chair, Policy Coordination


.         Completed balloting and submitted BC comment on ACDR's proposal as
UDRP provider

.         Worked with several BC members on draft comments regarding new

.         Mapped GAC advice to prior BC positions, for discussion on 26-Apr
member call


Chris Chaplow, Vice Chair, Finance & Operations


.         Review the results published for the Fast Track - FY14 SO/AC
Support Requests.

.         Telef Call to Liaise with CSG Finance Group on the FY14 SO/AC
support Requests.

.         Prepare the BC submission for the main round of - FY14 SO/AC
support Requests.

.         Discuss with IPC Treasurer Constituency Banking issues, status
and possible solutions with ICANN.

.         IRTP-D WG call and submission of BC feedback to WG Q&A.


Marilyn Cade, CSG Representative


.         Collaboration with Chris Chaplow on BC funding requests for ICANN.

.         Reviewed two applications, as Credentials Committee liaison. 

.         Reviewed ATRT2 questions in prep for member call to suggest
possible BC enhancements.

Ron Andruff, Nominating Committee


Highlights from the Nominating Committee meeting in Beijing; the full Report
Card was posted to the BC list on 15 April 2013.


At ICANN Beijing the Nom Com held two historic 'open meetings' - the first
being an Outreach Sub-Committee meeting; the second being a Nom Com general
business meeting.  This open approach was established at the Nom Com's first
meeting at ICANN Toronto and is intended to foster transparency and more
clarity into the work of the Nominating Committee.


The ICANN Beijing schedule also held the most Nom Com meetings in the
history of the Committee's work at an ICANN meeting.  It included:


.    One 1-hour open public Outreach Sub-committee meeting 

.    Four 1-hour breakfast meetings where the Chair and two Vice Chairs of
the GNSO Council were invited for one meeting with the Committee, and the
ICANN CFO was invited for another.

.    One 1-hour lunch meeting where the Board Governance Committee was

.    One 1-hour Nom Com Public Workshop to provide information about the
makeup and role of the Nominating Committee.

.    One 1.5 hour planning session for ICANN Durban selection meetings


In all, the Nominating Committee was in session for 9.5 hours during ICANN


In addition, Nom Com members took turns hosting an information table in the
conference area during all breaks and lunches during ICANN Beijing meeting


Benedetta Rossi, BC Secretariat


.         Drafted and published the elections procedure and timeline for the
upcoming BC election for the position of Vice Chair for Finance &
Operations. Procedure & timeline were checked and confirmed by the Chair. 

.         Supported BC remotely for Beijing meeting - ensured smooth running
of meetings, attended calls, ran remote participation, supported members and
Excomm remotely for ad hoc questions & requests.

.         Worked with BC Chair to finalize BC call calendar for 2013.

.         Checked and submitted to BC Credentials Committee two applications
to join the BC. Followed up with applicants by submitting questions on
behalf of the Credentials Committee. Applications are on hold for the

.         Follow up on invoicing round for 2013: paid up members were sent
receipts, and first official invoicing reminder was submitted. 

.         Drafted minutes for BC meeting in Beijing.

.         Beijing materials posted on BC website & announced to BC members.

.         Researched and presented to Excomm ways to open up the Excomm
mailing list/archives to BC members for transparency purposes. 

.         Processed several payments on behalf of the BC (translation for
Newsletter & Factsheet, graphic designer fees, etc)

.         Updated BC wiki teleconference section with transcripts, minutes
and recordings.

.         Posted Newsletter & Factsheet on the BC website.

.         Scheduled and attended BC members call on April 26.

.         Responded to member questions and requests.

.         Aggregated status reports received to submit to members. 


Kind Regards,


Benedetta Rossi

BC Secretariat

bc-secretariat at icann.org





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