[bc-gnso] Report on Geograhic Indicator Debate at Durban

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My suggestion is to see if we can come up with a consensus position, taking in all points of view.  I am confused as to why you would not want to have this discussion.  Business owners pour millions of dollars into the IPR and brands are hugely important to business owners and users alike.  Allowing the GAC to effectively take away a business's asset outside the purview of the political process is dangerous and bad for businesses and consumers.

On your second, point.  I note that the GAC has been an ally.  So have the ISPCP and we have respectfully disagreed with them over the years yet continued to maintain a strong working relationship.  Finally, I have talked with many GAC members who are desperate for business to speak up on this issue.  

For all these reasons, I must respectfully disagree with your position and ask that my request be granted.

J. Scott
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I appreciate that this is a sensitive topic, but I do not agree that the BC can take this up in an adversortial way. 

I don't have a client who has a position on this, but I do have strong concerns that the BC has to stay above the IP focus on this issue, as the IPC will lead on that, no doubt. 

And, the role of the GAC is much broader than just a position on geo names. For instance, the GAC was the BC's strong friend and ally on the strawman, and on the SSR issues, which are important to all of us as business users, whether large or small.

This is going to be a contentious issue within the BC, as there are some members who have applications as new gTLDs, therefore, I am not supporting having a position, and if there is one, I think it has to be taken up broadly about the role of the GAC, and not specific to a particular topic like this one.

There was strong division at the time of discussing the geo names during Durban, with members taking up a range of positions. I think that we have to be very respective that there are a range of views, and acknowledge that as indivudual companies, of course, anyone is free to advocate but only as their individual company , not identifying themselves with the BC.

Even if we take a vote on this, it will be highly divisive and that isn't really helpful to the broader discussion about how the governments work within ICANN, and how to work with the governments here, versus at the ITU, or elsewhere.

For anyone who hasn't seen the Brazilian proposal to take up [again] the discussion of Internet public policy -- read gTLD policy] at the ITU, I am happy to do a brief on that. 

I would prefer that the BC focus on those areas of strong agreement, and accept that members are, in their individual capacity, free to take other positions,

Marilyn Cade

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I am telling you all this is a dangerous precedent.  I hereby request that the BC take up this issue and develop a formal opinion in this specific issue and the broader issue of the GAC's role. 

I am happy to lead this effort.

J. Scott

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