[bc-gnso] postponement of GNSO review

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I’d be supportive of this. In addition to the need for a review of the various SOs, AC, etc., the proposal to delay, if adopted, would cause ICANN to violate its bylaws. The bylaws are quite clear on the timing, independence, and extent of the review(s) and a delay, through “bending” of the bylaws could open ICANN up to additional scrutiny.

I might also be tempted to suggest that a call for a delay could be indicative of a larger problem, that being an inability of the current organization to handle the breadth of activities in a timely manner. If that is the case, priority should be given to bylaw-mandated activities and delaying others.

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I'd be happy to draft a quick comment encouraging the GNSO to push forward with review if that seems to be the consensus of the group. (It seems like there is some support but I can't tell from e-mails if anyone holds a contrary view.) I imagine it would be very short.


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