[bc-gnso] Policy calendar for 29-Aug-2013 BC member call

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Not getting into the specifics of this discussion, but on the general point that Bill raises (excerpt below) I am in very strong support.

The BC is a formidable group. We are organized, we have some very hard-working people that are dedicated to representing and furthering the BC's interests as best they can. As an experienced Icannite, quite frankly I have never come across such a committed and talented bunch of people and I feel very proud to be part of that.

I believe if we can all coalesce around a principle of positive mutual trust, then we will have taken the last step towards becoming a force that just cannot be ignored by the rest of ICANN.


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Le 30 août 2013 à 17:56, "Smith, Bill" <bill.smith at paypal-inc.com> a écrit :

> While I believe their views are relevant, perhaps essential for us to hear, I also believe it imperative that we treat all members equally. If we persist with assertions related to conflicts, we will find ourselves unable to discuss much of anything. We *all* have interests here and we all know how to appropriately engage at ICANN.
> I have asked before, and I will ask again, that we please refrain from raising the conflict tot interest issue, even indirectly. It is pejorative and does enhance our interaction but rather makes it difficult to discuss substance.

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