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I would like to echo our Chair in appreciation of the work you undertook,  Angie.  So many if us in the BC are caught up in our daily workload that it is hard to find time to participate in the ICANN activities that seem to flow like a waterfall these days. But engage we must if the ICANN model is to prevail over the ITU and others that would have it another way. So many thanks to you for stepping up. 

 Looking forward to seeing you in Durban.


Ron Andruff

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Many, many thanks for this analysis.
It is extremely helpful, and your support is appreciated immensely.
Elisa Cooper
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Elisa Cooper
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Last week, BC member Angie Graves asked me if there were any policy coordination projects she could help with.  I suggested 2 documents that would help BC members going into the Durban meeting.   Angie came thru with the two attachments:
1.   Analysis of the public comments on GAC Safeguard Advice.  (first attachment)      Here, Angie went thru all 130 of the public comments on GAC Safeguard advice, and categorized them (applicant, contract party, registrant, user).  This should help us distinguish GAC support/opposition coming from "customers" of ICANN versus contract parties and TLD applicants.   Angie welcomes further insights on correcting the categorizations.
2. Analysis of the BC's RAA requests, versus what the Board approved in the final 2013 RAA.   (second attachment)   As we anticipated, few of our requests were granted.   
Thank you, Angie, for your contributions to the BC's policy work.
Steve DelBianco
Executive Director
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