[bc-gnso] BC GNSO Councilor & Small Business Seat on Nominating Committee Elections: Nominations close on Friday, Oct. 18th

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I am with you on this Stephane.  I am not aware of any historical basis for
this, and I believe we used to have more open process.


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Hi everyone,


I would like te reiterate that I find it very odd that as a group, we prefer
to have private nominations.


If I am willing to support someone, I have no qualms about making that
support public. Moreover, I find it troublesome that as a BC member, I do
not know until the nomination deadline has passed whether someone has been
nominated for a position or not.


I am left with having to try to read into a reminder message such as this
one whether it is being sent two days before the deadline because there have
been no nominations, or because it's just two days before the deadline.


And if I did know what nominations had been made, especially if none had
been made, I might be spurred on to reach out to other potential candidates
and try to get them on board. But with the current private nomination
system, I just don't know.


Is there a historical reason for having private nominations? Do others feel,
like I do, that it's time to put an end to the secrecy and to run fully
transparent election processes?



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From: BC Secretariat
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Re:     BC GNSO Councilor & Small Business NomCom Seat Elections: Reminder –
Nominations Close on Friday, Oct.18th

Please note that this is the announcement for the BC elections for one of
the two BC GNSO Councilor seats and the Small Business Seat on the
Nominating Committee . Please note that the nomination period will close on
Friday, October 18th. If you would like to submit a nomination, please
follow the procedure outlined in the election procedure attached, and submit
your nomination to the bcvotes at hotmail.com <mailto:bcvotes at hotmail.com>
email address prior to Friday COB.  

Candidate statements should also be sent to the bcvotes at hotmail.com
<mailto:bcvotes at hotmail.com>  no later than Sunday, Oct. 20th. 

Once again, please refer to the attachment for the full details regarding
this election.

Transmitted by the BC Secretariat:  Benedetta Rossi, serving as Voting



Kind Regards,


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