[bc-gnso] Buenos Aires Preparation: Cross Constituency Breakfast guest preference

Benedetta Rossi bc-secretariat at icann.org
Tue Sep 24 14:04:16 UTC 2013

Dear BC Members,


As it was discussed on the last BC members call, planning for the upcoming
ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires is underway. 


In order to guide decisions for inviting guests to both the Cross
Constituency breakfast, scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning at ICANN
in Buenos Aires, and planning for CSG engagement with other groups, you are
asked to rank the four possible groups that are under consideration in order
of your preference. 


The CSG will have at least one possible time slot for a substantive
interaction with one of the groups, besides the Tuesday am breakfast slot.
Schedules may prevent availability of a group at a preferred time, but the
CSG ExComm will consider priorities from all three groups in the CSG in
issuing invitations. 


Please give me your preferences regarding the groups below, with a simple
1,2,3,4 ranking. With apologies for the short turn around, it would be
appreciated if you could respond by Friday. 


Groups under consideration, listed in alphabetical order: 







Thank you ever so much for your input,


Kind Regards,


Benedetta Rossi

BC Secretariat

bc-secretariat at icann.org




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