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I support David Fares' comment, and we may need to explain a bit more, but I defer to David, Sarah, Susan, and other experts on a couple of additional sentences. It is a critical point, though.

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Subject: [bc-gnso] RE: FOR REVIEW: draft BC comment on study of Whois misuse
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Thank you for a well drafted statement.  Would it  be possible to incorporate into the comment that measures to address misuse should not jeopardize access
 to Whois data?  

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Subject: [bc-gnso] FOR REVIEW: draft BC comment on study of Whois misuse


ICANN posted a  Study on Whois Misuse.  


Back in 2009 the BC prompted this study to learn whether "Public access to WHOIS data leads to a measurable degree of misuse – that is, to actions that cause actual harm, are
 illegal or illegitimate, or otherwise contrary to the stated legitimate purpose."


We discussed this study on our 5-Dec member call.  Three BC members volunteered to review and draft comments on the study  (Jimson Olufuye, Susan Kawaguchi, John Berard).


As discussed on our 9-Jan call, their proposed comment is brief and should be easy for members to do an expedited review before ICANN's due date of 18-Jan-2014.


So please review the attached and REPLY ALL with your comments or objections before 18-Jan-2014.


Thanks again to Jimson, Susan, and John for stepping-up to this.



Steve DelBianco

Vice chair for policy coordination


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