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Thanks Jim – and both congrats and thanks to Phil!
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Dear members,
Following the recent BC Councilor election and the result gracefully provided (below) by Glen, it's my pleasure to communicate to you that Philip Corwin has been elected for a 2-year term as BC Councilor. He would join our other Councilor Susan Kawaguchi as they continue to provide BC with quality representation in the GNSO Council.
On behalf of the BC, I would like to thank Glen for overseeing the election and all members for their cooperation.
Warm regards,
Jimson Olufuye
BC Vice Chair (Finance & Operations)
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Subject: BC election results
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Dear Jimson,
Please find the BC election results below.
Thank you very much 
Kind regards,
Total Ballots Cast (including duplicates): 35
Ballots Counted (excluding duplicates): 34
Voters Who Haven't Voted: 21 
Ballot with added tally (using weights, if any): 

                Please mark ONE choice
                BC Representative on GNSO Council (2 year term)
 1: 80 votes    [] Philip Corwin
2:  1 vote     [] Abstain
Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
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