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Dear All,

Please find below recording and transcript of the ICANN and Human Rights call of 17th Aug 2015 at 13:00 UTC.

This, and other recordings can be found at: https://community.icann.org/display/gnsononcomstake/Meeting+Notes

 mp3: https://icann.box.com/shared/static/yncsgv6z2e213mp7j1pu37z1jcinkh3d.mp3<http://mailer.samanage.com/wf/click?upn=zZ8xDDIU4PY795Cika7Nmy-2FNugFnAwo9az5qWXNwufTCjhZ-2FbuQGpmeVAaDVrwIY3NojZQIECxKvz1jr5x7WGA0cNfU8AC-2BYvcRqDCjKJl0-3D_FiroU9WATfGGQpGIbRb8NkCMVsuIUf2Oa7q-2B6QPGPd0P9ACvn3Y7Ub4pcSRvAWpR4eEu9NGmxpUPeW0JVeMqcxBkC1ajwg6Efba9JnrHuvaGkytYht-2BcRzRzRdO6GDE510ktfNBk9SsN-2BN0dEU5DFF3QEQ5iwAN6-2B-2BxBtC6uhITOohlogAogeBf50rZYVN91efCNDdqf2xJtlfeMsjjuK-2F1nXsaOFTK8dLFCFdURpiFPTzBX61kfxINn-2BqtNepqyAXDPYKipfEISxxL9uMgBQfReVLWRK-2Fu2pV4ShrFkbzfGy5lhcbwCxsfieMMWpfdFvfMS9oRxKdMnUTOAy7qxIMnVcRRXFWBjSlpFtY6UZvnCquYI-2FqMjcsd1mhHcXCUwPwf-2B6hYnMUXgFNeHsibInVSyqONb3NhgIMBuv53lPyquB87NPiUR6XW68O-2FKUXdpAXAjruIoUpu6vR8zD1yFhHxXSsLsorpRmLD9qseQ1IPyjtUt48zWxBszic-2FJd5As>

AC Chat:

  Maryam Bakoshi:Dear all, welcome to the CCWP on ICANN & HR call on Monday, 17th Aug 2015 at 13:00 UTC
  Maryam Bakoshi:Megan Richards & Sara Bockey have joined the meeting
  Maryam Bakoshi:Rafik Dammak has joined
  Maryam Bakoshi:Niels has joined
  matthew shears:hello
  Maryam Bakoshi:Matthew SHears and marilia Marciel have joined
  Maryam Bakoshi:Tatiana Tropina has joined
  Marilia Maciel:Hello all!
  Megan Richards, European Commission:much better !
  Marilia Maciel:Sure.
  Tatiana Tropina:Hi everyone!
  Marilia Maciel:Yes
  Marilia Maciel:Maybe we can see the agenda on screen?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:1. Short evaluation ICANN2. Works as agreed. 1. chart 2. legal 3. administrivia3. CCWG accountability & human rights4. other issues
  Marilia Maciel:Perfect
  Marilia Maciel:Lost audio, Niels
  Megan Richards, European Commission:we have lost your voice Niels !
  Maryam Bakoshi:Alexandra, Avri Doria, Stephanie Perrin & Farzaneh have  joined
  Maryam Bakoshi:Niles will rejoin soon
  matthew shears:seem to have audio issues
  Maryam Bakoshi:We are calling him now
  Marilia Maciel:Ok, thanks, Maryam
  Maryam Bakoshi:We are working to get Niels back on the line
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:yyou lost me?
  Maryam Bakoshi:Yes
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:aii
  Marilia Maciel:Yes, no audio
  Maryam Bakoshi:The operator has been trying to call you
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:can you call me again?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:I just hung up now
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:pls call me again
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:where did you lose me?
  matthew shears:I am here (I think)
  Megan Richards, European Commission:at the beginning !!
  Tatiana Tropina:can you hear me?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:No we cannot hear you
  Maryam Bakoshi:No
  Tatiana Tropina:too bad
  Maryam Bakoshi:Tatiana do you have a number we can sial out to
  Maryam Bakoshi:*dial
  Tatiana Tropina:+4917635423791
  Maryam Bakoshi:Amr Elsadr has joined
  Maryam Bakoshi:@Tatiana - calling you now
  Marilia Maciel:Vacations for you guys, in Europe I think :)
  Maryam Bakoshi:Yes Tatiana is on the line
  Marilia Maciel:Avri? Matt? :)
  matthew shears:I think that the accountabillity proposal is also asking for input from commenters on the issue of human rights in the bylaws in parallel
  Megan Richards, European Commission:this is what the report seems to say but perhaps this is evolving: • Work plan for Work Stream 2 to: o Enhance diversity and the culture of transparency within ICANNo Further address concerns about community accountability. The 2nd Draft Report includes a recommendation for regular structural reviews of SOs and ACs to assess their accountability towards their participants as well as towards the stakeholders they are designed to represent.o Elaborate on a Commitment to human rights in the ICANN Bylaws.• Details on an implementation plan for Work Stream 1, including a Bylaws drafting process.
  Megan Richards, European Commission:sorry - wrong cut and paste !! apologies
  matthew shears:in terms of strategy it will be important for a number of diverse entities to input on this in the publoc consultation - the comment revirew process does not weight the inputs so more inputs on issues of concernsuch as HR is important
  Avri Doria:i plan to put in my own comment on the issue.
  Avri Doria:both HR related and other.
  matthew shears:+ 1
  matthew shears:I think we have to leave a lot of this to WS2.  If we start to get into the detail the bylaw may get very long and cumbersome
  Tatiana Tropina:I think it is better to avoid detailing bylaws in order to avoid long legal debates which can get us to nowhere and delay the changes we want
  matthew shears:yep
  Tatiana Tropina:*again I don't know how far this discussion went before, may be I am just repeating what has already been discussed many times
  Megan Richards, European Commission:perhaps its a problem with the mike - in a nutshell I agree with marilia's comment
  Maryam Bakoshi:Hi Megan, please could you provide your number for dial out
  Amr Elsadr:@Matt: RE: HRs in WS2, that sounds logical to me, so +1. For now, some form of commitment from the CCWG to include HR issues in WS2 wouldn't be such a bad thing though.
  Megan Richards, European Commission:My number is +322 2962443 but marilia said exactly what I was going to say -
  Avri Doria:The Corporation shall operate for the benefit of the Internet community as a whole, carrying out its activities in conformity with relevant principles of international law and applicable international conventions and local law and, to the extent appropriate and consistent with these Articles and its Bylaws, through open and transparent processes that enable competition and open entry in Internet-related markets. To this effect, the Corporation shall cooperate as appropriate with relevant international organizations
  matthew shears:shame we can't just asterisk the bylaw above after the word conventions and add if need be UDHR and ICCPR
  Tatiana Tropina:@Matthew, it's articles of incorporation I think :)
  matthew shears:thanks
  Megan Richards, European Commission:the articles of incorporation cover all
  Avri Doria:... coverl all that are relevant ... applicable ... and to the extent apprpproprote consistent with the bylaws.
  Tatiana Tropina:Yes, in a general way
  Megan Richards, European Commission:the Articles take precedence over the bylaws - the bylaws can limit the application or clarify the specific provisions
  Tatiana Tropina:+1 to Megan. I see any changes made to bylaws as clarification of this general commitment
  Megan Richards, European Commission:ICANN has agreed to apply the applicable and relevant provisions by virtue of the provisions of its ARticles of incorporation - public international law and its application is a separate issue and not what we should be discussing here
  matthew shears:agree with simple phrasing for bylaws
  Avri Doria:those are not my concerns, as much as the concerns of tothers.  i support the most general language.
  Tatiana Tropina:I actually don't see any way to make other than simple wording of bylaws
  Megan Richards, European Commission:am responding in the chat then
  Megan Richards, European Commission:we should ensure that the work is not duplicating that done in GAC HR wg and other fora
  matthew shears:good point - have the GAC discussions evolved since the meeting in BA?
  Megan Richards, European Commission:not yet but would be a pity if the various groups were to either duplicate or heavens forbid contradict that of each other
  Avri Doria:Isn't the GAC having a simlar definitional issues as the WP4 is having
  Megan Richards, European Commission:thanks and apologies for no voice :-)
  matthew shears:thanks Niels, all
  Tatiana Tropina:thanks !
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Thanks all!
  Maryam Bakoshi:Thank you all

Many thanks,
Maryam Bakoshi
Secretariat ­Support - NCSG, NCUC, NPOC
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Email:  maryam.bakoshi at icann.org<mailto:maryam.bakoshi at icann.org>
Mobile:  +44 7737 698036
Skype:  maryam.bakoshi.icann
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