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Hello everyone,

Subgroup 1 on visualisation of CANN's potential impact on human rights, and
Subgroup 4 on providing input to the new gTLD review process had their
meetings on December 3rd and 4th, respectively. You will find is a brief
summary of discussions below.

Please feel free to ask further questions and feel encouraged to join us!

Best wishes,


*1. Terms of reference of SG1*

0. Mandate

- ----------

Produce a visualization correlating ICANN’s policies and procedures with
the specific human rights they touch upon with the aim to raise awareness
and present a contribution to policy development.

1. Output

- ---------

- Produce a mapping of ICANN’s policies and procedures that have an impact
on human rights

- Develop a way to better visualize ICANN’s policies and procedures and
their interplay with specific human rights

- Raise awareness about ICANNs (potential) impact on human rights in
different parts of the ICANN community

2. Calls

- --------

Every 2 weeks

3. Some potential topics

- - ------------------------

- What are the policies and procedures that present and impact on human

- What would be the best and user-friendly way to visualize this

- What would be the best way and the channels to disseminate the output of
the SG?

4. Issues to discuss

- --------------------

Defining potential models of visualization

*2. Proposed timeline for SG1* (subject to adjustments as needed)

2-4 Dec: 1st call. Approval of the work plan, timeline and terms of

7-21 Dec: policy mapping (conducting consultations with the community) and
research on visualization design (ex. wheel of rights? Other?)

21 Dec-4 Jan: Recess

4-18Jan: discussion and choice of a model for visualization and production
of V.1

18 Jan-1 Fev: external consultation (CCWP and the community)

1-15 Fev: Incorporating feedback and production V.2

15-25 fev: Finalization and discussing possible printing

*3. Initial brainstorm of the table and visualization*

We have revisited the table and wheel of rights presented during the public
meeting of the CCWP. Some initial ideas have been exchanged, most notably

- Maybe the wheel should be made simpler, showing only the rights that have
been more directly touched upon by ICANN's policies and procedures. The
goal may be to start it simple and gradually increase complexity tailoring
it to different audiences.


*1) Draft terms of reference*

0. Mandate

- ----------

Providing input to ICANN’s new gTLD program from a human rights

1. Output

- ---------

- Produce a mapping of new gTLD related policy development processes,
reports, assessments, metrics, etc that are relevant from a human rights

- Writing inputs to public comment periods and other similar processes

- Raising awareness and fostering collaboration with ICANN community so
that human rights concerns are taken into account in the new gTLD program

2. Calls

- --------

Monthly calls or whenever necessary

3. Some potential topics

- - -----------------------

The subgroup aims to provide inputs to discussions and policies related to
the new gTLD program, including but not limited to:

- The Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review process and
the teams and reports related to this topic;

- The potentially upcoming GNSO policy development process on new gTLD
subsequent procedures.

*2) Status of the key "tracks" in which the new gTLDs are being discussed:*

- Competition, consumer trust and consumer choice review (CCT) -->
nominations for the review team have been made. A decision on the
composition of the group will be announced.

- Implementation review --> a draft report produced by ICANN staff. This is
a non-policy document that should feed into the CCT work.

- Potential GNSO policy development process of new gTLD subsequent
procedures. The final issue report on new gTLD subsequent procedures has
been published:  http://gnso.icann.org/en/issues/new-gtlds/subsequent

Comments received during the public comment period can be found here:

We are now one step closer to starting the policy development process:

"The staff recommendation is that the Council initiate a PDP to consider
and analyze issues discussed in the Final Issue Report on New gTLD
Subsequent Procedures to determine whether changes or adjustments to the
existing policy recommendations in the Final Report on the Introduction of
New Generic Top-Level Domains are needed.  The outcome of the PDP may lead
to (i) amending or overriding existing policy principles, recommendations,
and implementation guidelines; (ii) developing new policy recommendations,
and/or (iii) supplementing or developing new implementation guidance".

A motion is being prepared to be appreciated by the GNSO.

*3) Potential need for prioritization of issues and Sharing of tasks*

The group will review the relevant documents related to the new gTLD
program, identify the key issues that relate to human rights and each
subgroup member may identify the theme(s) they would like to focus on.

To facilitate this process, a gdoc has been opened and will be constantly
updated as a living document:

The division of tasks will be further discussed in the next call.

*4) Next call*

A doodle will be sent for a date to be identified in the second week of

*Marília Maciel*
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