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Niels ten Oever niels at article19.org
Fri Dec 18 03:02:53 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well. I'm looking forward to talk to you on our call later today at 1300 UTC. Please find the details below.

I would like to propose the following agenda:

1. Welcome and agenda bashing
2. Update CCWG - especially in relation to board comments (attached)
3. Update SG1
4. Update SG2
5. Update SG3
6. Update SG4
7. Update SG5
8. AOB

The comments of the board on the CCWG proposal, specifically on human rights (attachment, annex 6), have the potential to significantly impact our work. Therefore I am looking forward to discuss this with you. 

I would like to ask you to submit a public comment in support for the
human rights bylaw, which is defined in Annex 6 of the draft report. The comment period is open for public comment (up to
December 21, 23:59 UTC)

The process of sending in a comment in easy: simply write an email to:
comments-draft-ccwg-accountability-proposal-30nov15 at icann.org

I know you are all busy so Tatiana and I prepared a draft reply (underneath the call details) which you can alter, improve or copy. I hope this makes the commenting easier for you.

If you haven't done so already, please share the terms of reference of your subgroup on this list.

I'm greatly looking forward to talk to you all later today.




Please find below participation details for CCWP ICANN & Human Rights Meeting on Friday 18th December 2015 at 13:00 UTC

Adobe Connect: https://icann.adobeconnect.com/ncsg/

Time Zones: http://bit.ly/1NnU9Ov

Agenda: TBC

Passcodes/Pin codes:
Participant passcode: HR

For security reasons, the passcode will be required to join the conference.

Dial in numbers:
Country Toll Numbers Freephone/
Toll Free Number

ARGENTINA 0800-777-0519<tel:0800-777-0519>
AUSTRALIA ADELAIDE: 61-8-8121-4842 1-800-657-260
AUSTRALIA BRISBANE: 61-7-3102-0944 1-800-657-260
AUSTRALIA CANBERRA: 61-2-6100-1944 1-800-657-260
AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE: 61-3-9010-7713 1-800-657-260
AUSTRALIA PERTH: 61-8-9467-5223 1-800-657-260
AUSTRALIA SYDNEY: 61-2-8205-8129 1-800-657-260
AUSTRIA 43-1-92-81-113 0800-005-259
BELGIUM 32-2-400-9861 0800-3-8795
BRAZIL 0800-7610651<tel:0800-7610651>
CHILE 1230-020-2863
CHINA CHINA A: 86-400-810-4789 10800-712-1670
CHINA CHINA B: 86-400-810-4789 10800-120-1670
COLOMBIA 01800-9-156474
CZECH REPUBLIC 420-2-25-98-56-64 800-700-177
DENMARK 45-7014-0284 8088-8324
ESTONIA 800-011-1093
FINLAND 358-9-5424-7162 0-800-9-14610
FRANCE LYON: 33-4-26-69-12-85 080-511-1496
FRANCE MARSEILLE: 33-4-86-06-00-85 080-511-1496
FRANCE PARIS: 33-1-70-70-60-72 080-511-1496
GERMANY 49-69-2222-20362 0800-664-4247<tel:0800-664-4247>
GREECE 30-80-1-100-0687 00800-12-7312
HONG KONG 852-3001-3863 800-962-856
HUNGARY 06-800-12755
INDIA INDIA A: 000-800-852-1268
INDIA INDIA B: 000-800-001-6305
INDIA INDIA C: 1800-300-00491
INDONESIA 001-803-011-3982
IRELAND 353-1-246-7646 1800-992-368
ISRAEL 1-80-9216162
ITALY MILAN: 39-02-3600-6007 800-986-383
JAPAN OSAKA: 81-6-7739-4799<tel:81-6-7739-4799> 0066-33-132439
JAPAN TOKYO: 81-3-5539-5191<tel:81-3-5539-5191> 0066-33-132439
LATVIA 8000-3185
LUXEMBOURG 352-27-000-1364
MALAYSIA 1-800-81-3065
MEXICO 001-866-376-9696
NETHERLANDS 31-20-718-8588 0800-023-4378<tel:0800-023-4378>
NEW ZEALAND 64-9-970-4771 0800-447-722
NORWAY 47-21-590-062 800-15157
PANAMA 011-001-800-5072065
PERU 0800-53713
PHILIPPINES 63-2-858-3716
POLAND 00-800-1212572
PORTUGAL 8008-14052
RUSSIA 8-10-8002-0144011
SAUDI ARABIA 800-8-110087
SINGAPORE 65-6883-9230 800-120-4663
SLOVAK REPUBLIC 421-2-322-422-25
SOUTH AFRICA 080-09-80414
SOUTH KOREA 82-2-6744-1083 00798-14800-7352
SPAIN 34-91-414-25-33 800-300-053
SWEDEN 46-8-566-19-348 0200-884-622
SWITZERLAND 41-44-580-6398 0800-120-032
TAIWAN 886-2-2795-7379 00801-137-797
THAILAND 001-800-1206-66056
UNITED KINGDOM BIRMINGHAM: 44-121-210-9025 0808-238-6029
UNITED KINGDOM GLASGOW: 44-141-202-3225 0808-238-6029
UNITED KINGDOM LEEDS: 44-113-301-2125 0808-238-6029
UNITED KINGDOM LONDON: 44-20-7108-6370 0808-238-6029
UNITED KINGDOM MANCHESTER: 44-161-601-1425 0808-238-6029
URUGUAY 000-413-598-3421
USA 1-517-345-9004 866-692-5726
VENEZUELA 0800-1-00-3702

Restrictions may exist when accessing freephone/toll free numbers using a mobile telephone.


<organization or individual> appreciates the opportunity to submit comments on the
CCWG-Accountability Draft Work Stream 1 Recommendations. We would like
to thank the CCWG on Accountability for its hard work in compiling
this report. This is a crucial step in the transition of the oversight
over ICANN from the US government to the global community, which is
generally welcomed.

<organization or individual> especially welcomes the inclusion of the bylaw language
reaffirming and clarifying ICANN’s obligation to respect human rights.

We find the proposal for bylaw language on human rights to be clear
and balanced. We appreciate the fact that it limits the commitment to
ICANN's mission and operations only and provides a clear distinction
between ICANN's adherence to respect human rights and obligation to
enforce human rights, placing the latter outside of the scope of the
ICANN's mission.

We are aware of the discussions on the inclusion of particular human
rights related international legal instruments, such as Universal
Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the International Covenant on
Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), International Covenant on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), into the bylaw
language. We welcome the proposed version of the bylaw language, which
does not refer to particular international legal instruments. In our
view, there is no need to outline specific international documents in
the bylaws since there is no reason in principle why particular
instruments (e.g. the UDHR) should be referenced at the expense of
other important international treaties.

At the same time, we agree that the issues related to the
applicability of international instruments in the context of ICANN's
commitment to
respect human rights must be addressed in Work Stream 2. We strongly
support the proposal to include the interim bylaw for the purpose of
ensuring that Work Stream 2, which will facilitate the development of
the framework for interpretation of the human rights commitment, will
take place.

We further agree with the issues identified in Annex 6 of the Draft
which will be the subject of further work in Workstream 2.

We hope that Workstream 2 will be carried out in the same
collaborative, inclusive and open manner as the whole work of CCWG up
to now and will result in a clear framework for interpretation and
implementation of ICANN's commitment to human rights.
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