[cc-humanrights] ICANN and human rights - summary conf call tuesday 16 Dec

HIBBARD Lee Lee.HIBBARD at coe.int
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Hello everyone and happy new year!
Thank you to those of you who have completed the Doodle poll for our next Conf which will be on 16 Jan at 15:00 CET.
Robin and Olga - although you cannot make it then can we find an alternative way to debrief thereafter?
Nicolas - could you please arrange the conf call?
Regards to all. Many thanks, Lee

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Apologies, I should have added that doodle times are CET.

Regards Lee

Lee Hibbard
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On 19 déc. 2014, at 15:56, "HIBBARD Lee" <Lee.HIBBARD at coe.int<mailto:Lee.HIBBARD at coe.int>> wrote:
Thanks Rafik.

So the date of our next conf call, during the week of 12 Jan, will depend on the results of the doodle poll which I would invite all people on the list to complete: http://doodle.com/xzxmkwzusnf4v9pa

Regards and happy holidays to all.


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Subject: Re: [cc-humanrights] ICANN and human rights - summary conf call tuesday 16 Dec

Hi Lee,

thanks for this summary. I have few comments:

- the time: starting from 16:00CET is not convenient for those in AsiaPac. better to provide more time slots .
- next call date: it won't be convenient for those from NCSG, since most of them will be traveling in Wednesday 14th after 2 full days meeting. since we will use doodle poll, please put several days/time slots to fill. I am ok with bi-weekly calls since we should do more things via mailing list
- room booking: request was done, we have to wait since ICANN meeting team will process requests for rooms/slots received  in 15th Dec. I asked for 2 sessions but hard to says if we can get both.



2014-12-18 21:02 GMT+09:00 HIBBARD Lee <Lee.HIBBARD at coe.int<mailto:Lee.HIBBARD at coe.int>>:

Dear colleagues,

Thanks to everyone who took part in the last conference call which, subject to your comments/corrections/suggestions, I would summarise as follows:

Conf call Tues 16 Dec / Present: Hanane, Joy, Marilia, Niels, Lee, Robin, Stephanie, Olivier

- regular conf calls from Jan 2015 / to be planned during next conf call

- Conf call / 14 Jan exact time to be decided by Doodle poll (+ call to be organised by Thomas/Nicolas)

- Doc1 draft / 7 Qs/FAQ/human rights for dummies - Joy to lead and prepared by 14 Jan call

- Doc2 draft / summary of CoE paper - Marilia to lead and prepared by 14 Jan call

- Doc3 draft / applied scenarios paper - Niels, Monika and Joy to lead and prepared by 14 Jan call

- ICANN52 / room booking - request made by Rafik (confirmed?)

- ICANN52 / meeting in two parts (still valid?)

- ICANN52 / tentative agenda remains valid (re-discuss in conf call)

- ICANN52 / overall objective: convene a working group to discuss the drafting of a charter for a CCWG on ICANN & human rights

- Webinar (joint?) / 21 Jan (next steps?) - led by Niels and Marilia

I copy Thomas and Nicolas to the email to ask them to organise our next conf call on the afternoon on 14 Jan (from 16:00 CET?) as well as to consider organising regular weekly/bi-weekly calls from thereon until ICANN52?

I also copy GAC reps, Olga Cavalli and Mark Carvell, to this message to invite them to subscribe to the mailing list (https://mm.icann.org/mailman/listinfo/cc-humanrights) and join the calls.

Regards to all and season's greetings!!


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