[cc-humanrights] UN code of conduct China-Russia

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I do not see any realistic chance that such a "Code of Conduct" will be adopted soon in the UN. 90 per cent of the proposed text is controversial. It starts already with the terminology "Information Security". There is no definition. Other instruments use cybersecurity. This is also different from cybercrime, cyberterrorism, cyberwar, cyberespionage etc. No mentioning of the Tallin Manual. Is there already a timetable for a 4th GGE? 

On the other hand China and Russia could take this to the BRICS Summit in Ufa (July 2015). Para. 2.12 underlines "regional cooperation". The Africans adopted last years a seperate convention on cybersecurity. The Budapest Convention has only a limited number of members.    So something has to be done. CBMs could be the bridge into the 2020s, but a long way to go.

And furthermore, this could be also channeled into the WSIS 10+ negotiations in NY in fall 2015. Could create addtional Problems for the renewal of the IGF Mandate.



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UN Code of Conduct
Proposal China-Russia
See Point 2 Code of conduct, items 1), 7) and 8)
There is an odd mix of everything in here. 



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