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Niels ten Oever niels at article19.org
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Dear all,

Please find attached an updated agenda for the public session on ICANNs
Social and Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights.

All comments are welcome of course.

Maryam, could you please be so kind to update this on the website?

Thanks in advance,

Niels ten Oever
Head of Digital

Article 19

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Welcome and introductions  
		Niels ten Oever (Article19 and Chair of the CCWP)
		Rafik Dammak (NCSG chair)

Presentation of new issue report 
		Monika Zalnieriute (European University)

Update on the GAC Human Rights and International Law Working Group 
		Co-Chairs of the GAC WG, UK & Peru 

Update and presentation on the ICANN report by Council of Europe
		Lee Hibbard (Council of Europe)

Discussion on how and where human rights policies and assessment could be established in ICANN and its policy process. 
		Patrik Fallstrom (SSAC) 
		Avri Doria (former member of ATRT2 team) 
		Tony Holmes (ISPCP)
		Alan Greenberg (ALAC) 
		Greg Shatan (IPC)
		Michele Neylon (RrSG)
		Bill Drake (NCUC)
		Rafik Dammak (NCSG)
		Wolfgang Kleinwachter (Board)
		GAC working group representative

Summary - Marilia Maciel
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