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I think its a great idea: pleased to help.
Susan  Ariel Aaronson

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> Today's Topics:
>     1. Considerations on next steps (Jean-Jacques Sahel)
>     2. Update and draft charter CCWP HR (Niels ten Oever)
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> Message: 1
> Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 17:28:49 +0000
> From: Jean-Jacques Sahel <jean-jacques.sahel at icann.org>
> To: "cc-humanrights at icann.org" <cc-humanrights at icann.org>
> Subject: [cc-humanrights] Considerations on next steps
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> Dear all,
> Following on from discussions in Singapore, here are a few observations which we hope will help you in assessing next steps in your work around human rights.
> Overall, as a start we would encourage you to use this list as a tool to let the discussion mature, in particular regarding objectives, modalities and feasibility - as an informal "working party" if you will. To provide you with some further food for thought:
> *      There is no particular definition of a "working party" as a formal structure within ICANN. To have a process established as a formal structure within ICANN it could either take the form of a Working Group (under the behest of any interested SO/AC), or a Cross-Community Working Group (with multiple SO/ACs as Chartering organizations) or as a Working Group instituted by the Board (like the Geographic Regions Working Group) or committees launched by the CEO (e.g. various discussion groups in the past).
> -       Before deciding on a particular structure, you need to be clear what the objective / scope is and from that, which mechanism is best suited to achieve them. It probably would be helpful that those interested in this effort would first define and agree on the objective and scope of such an effort, so as to help determine whether a CCWG or Working Group, or else such as a fact-finding ad hoc group, is the most appropriate mechanism for achieving the agreed objective. (The reason to set up a CCWG, for example, can be to assess the effectiveness of an existing procedure; or produce a fact-finding document; or a set of recommendations; first for SO/AC approval, then for submission to the ICANN Board).
> *     You will also need to establish a specific methodology; first, you may want to consider here to do some fact-finding and agree on the focus of the work, so as to be able to start familiarising others in the community with the ideas and objectives at stake. This could eventually take the form of a charter or statement of work that interested parties could sign up to.
> -        As an example, should the objective / scope be to provide recommendations to the Board that are developed jointly by a number of SO/ACs, then you may want to consider pursuing a CCWG. This would require at a minimum two SO/ACs that would serve as the chartering organisations for such an effort. The formation of a CCWG is typically at the initiative of an SO/AC - the chair or representative of an SO/AC will approach the other SO/ACs to determine whether there is interest to form a CCWG on a particular topic. If so, a small number of representatives are requested to participate in the drafting team that is responsible for developing a charter. Once the drafting team has completed its work, the charter is submitted to all the interested SO/ACs for approval according to their own processes. (Based on recent experiences running CWG/CCWG, we have good illustrations available that can help as a starting point for any drafting effort). In order to charter a Cross-Communit!
 y W
>   orking Group, two or more SO/ACs would need to adopt the charter. So for NCSG and ALAC for example, they would need to get the GNSO as a whole to support the process. As raised during the Human Rights workshop at ICANN52, SO/ACs deciding on the creation of new workstreams normally involves consideration of the current workload and priorities. You may also want to think of who could be the 'champions' of the issue across different SO/ACs, who can start organising the discussion in a more structured manner.
> -        Note that as mentioned above, there are also other (ad-hoc) mechanisms that could be pursued depending on the objective, such as a WG or discussion group.
> -        You will also want to take into account that in its Singapore Communique, the GAC resolved to create a dedicated working group to look at this issue. It will be important to make sure there is linkage / coordination with other initiatives that are ongoing or have commenced elsewhere on the subject. (from the GAC Communique: "9. International Law, Human Rights and ICANN - The GAC decided to establish a Working Group on Human Rights Issues and the Application of International Law as these matters relate to ICANN activities. The GAC will also monitor community developments and consider how any GAC initiatives can complement any such developments.")
> All the best,
> Jean-Jacques
> Vice-President, Global Stakeholder Engagement (Europe & Civil Society)
> Tel: +44 77 400 73176
> Skype: jean-jacques.sahel.icann
> Email: jean-jacques.sahel at icann.org<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','jean-jacques.sahel at icann.org');>
> @pointjjs
> One World, One Internet
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> Message: 2
> Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 18:22:46 +0100
> From: Niels ten Oever <niels at article19.org>
> To: Human Rights <cc-humanrights at icann.org>
> Subject: [cc-humanrights] Update and draft charter CCWP HR
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> Dear all,
> I hope this email finds you well. The conclusion of the session on
> ICANNs Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights in Singapore,
> as well as several meetings afterwards, was that establishing a Cross
> Community Working Party (CCWP) on this topic would be the best way
> forward.
> In order to do this we would need to define the Objectives and the
> Scope of such a CCWP. Marilia Maciel and I have made a first draft of
> such a document, which you can find underneath. We're very much
> looking forward to hear your questions, suggestions and comments on
> this text.
> Best,
> Niels
> Draft goals and scope for CCWP HR
> Cross-community working party for analyzing potential Human Rights
> implications of ICANN?s policies and procedures
>   Member organizations: (name the SOs and ACs)
> Each of the participating Supporting Organizations (SOs) and Advisory
> Committees (ACs) agrees to work towards achieving the goals of this
> document and to seek input and participation from their communities.
>   Background:
> This cross community working party (CCWP) seeks to map and understand
> the issues and potential solutions for the impact that policies,
> procedures and operations of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
> Names and Numbers (ICANN) have on human rights. In particular it
> focuses on the corporate responsibility of ICANN to respect human
> rights. It builds on a long term community engagement on this topic,
> further catalysed with the publication of the paper 'ICANN's
> procedures and policies in the light of human rights, fundamental
> freedoms and democratic values', as commissioned by the Council of
> Europe, and after sessions held in London, Los Angeles and Singapore.
>   It seeks to improve ICANN's measures to respect human rights, in
> accordance with article 4 of ICANN's articles of incorporation.
>   Objective:
> The CCWP on ICANN and Human Rights would have the purpose to raise
> awareness, provide information, facilitate dialogue and make
> suggestions to the ICANN community on ways to better harmonize ICANN?s
> policies and procedures with internationally recognized human rights
> standards, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
> and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).
> The working party will focus on human rights that are directly
> impacted by ICANN policy decisions, procedures and operations.
>   Responsibilities and scope of work:
> (i) To continue the process of raising awareness about the interplay
> between ICANN?s policies, procedures and operations and human rights;
> (ii) To map and collect information from the community about cases as
> well as current ICANN policies,procedures and operations that present
> an impact on human rights in which further guidance on how to
> harmonize policies and procedures with human rights would be necessary;;
>   (iii) To develop guidelines for the procedures that are in place or
> that should be created in the policy development process to ensure the
> respect for human rights;
> (iv) To provide information, suggestions and recommendations to the
> chartering organizations and to the broader ICANN community on how
> ICANN?s policies and procedures can be developed and implemented
> consistent with internationally recognized human rights standards.
> This input can inform the policy development processes as defined in
> the ICANN Bylaws.
> (v) To propose procedures and mechanisms with the aim of producing
> assessments on if and how policies and procedures under developed
> and/or being implemented may impact on human rights.
> (vi) Draft Position Papers and Statements as deemed appropriate
> (vii) To carry out further discussions about the pertinence and timing
> for the creation of a cross-community working group on this issue.
>   Membership
> The membership of the Working Party on ICANN and Human Rights is
> proposed to include members representing the diversity of the ICANN
> community. The Working Party will serve as a focal point for the
> discussion, knowledge dissemination and communication about the impact
> of ICANN's policies and procedures on Human Rights  Its activities
> will be conducted in an open and fully transparent manner.
> - -- 
> Niels ten Oever
> Head of Digital
> Article 19
> www.article19.org
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