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Dear all,

We can look back at a very productive ICANN54 in Dublin where the
CCWP-HR did a lot of work, where you all have been part of and/or
contributed to. To give you a quick summary:

1. GAC WG Human Rights Intl Law
The CCWP-HR met with the GAC WG on Human Rights and Intl Law (HRIL).
We gave a presentation of our report and an overview of next steps.
The GAC WG is working reaching consensus on their own terms of
reference. A positive account of this meeting is part of the GAC
communique [0]
The GAC WG HRIL also has a new co-chair; Jorge Cancio.

2. Meeting with the Board
The ICANN board reiterated their commitment to human rights and
indicated Markus Kummer and Lousewies van der Laan as board Liaisons
for the topic of human rights.

Fadi mentioned that Nora Abusitta [1] could be our contact person in
ICANN staff.

3. CCWP-HR public meeting
The session was very well attended. Visualizations and our new report
were presented respectively by Marilia and Motoko, which were both
very well received. There were great inputs from the IPC, SSAC, the
Council of Europe, an IXP, Twitter, and the ombudsman. More detail on
presentations, agenda and transcript can be found here [2]

4. CCWP-HR working session
There was a lot of enthusiasm for this session, which has resulted in
very clear topics the CCWP-HR wants to work in the time up to the
meeting in Marrakesh. The following things were agreed:

1. - Continue and finalize work on visualization. This work aims to
raise awareness on ICANNs (potential) impact on human rights.
		- Marilia Maciel *
		- Stefania Milan
		- Ellen Strickland

2. -  Document cases and examples in which ICANN is (potentially)
impacting human rights (for example RAA, UDRP, WHOIS)
		- Pranesh Prakashn *
		- Chris LaHatte
		- Stephanie Perrin
		- Monika Zalnieriute
		- Karel Douglas
		- Bastiaan Goslings

3. - Advancing the work on proposing specific internal processes and
procedural aspects on how ICANN can operationalize its commitment to
human rights
		- Niels ten Oever *
		- Tatiana Tropina
		- Peter Kimpian
		- Rafik Dammak
		- Aarti Bhavana
		- Motoko Aizawa

4. - Providing input to PDP new gTLDs from a human rights perspective	
		- Marilia Maciel *
		- Pranesh Prakash
		- Peter Kimpian
		- Aarti Bhavana

5. - input to PDP new WHOIS
		- Peter Kimpian
		- Monika Zalnieriute
		- Stefania *
		- Jeremy Malcolm
		- Bastiaan Goslings
		- Pranesh Prakash
		- Ellen Strickland

6. - Operational
	- Organize five conference calls
		November 27 - 17 CET
		December 21 - 17 CET
		January 21 - 17 CET
		February 10 - 17 CET
		February  26 - 17 CET
	- Request public and working sessions for CCWP HR in Marrakesh
	- Setup mailinglists for sub-groups
	- Aim to organize joint session with GAC HRIL in Marrakesh
		- Niels ten Oever
I would like to propose to do our central conference calls at 17 CET.
I hope this works for all of you, since we have participants from San
Francisco to Australia, I hope this is a bit in the middle, if you
want, I'm happy to shift and experiment.

I would like to furthermore ask you to get together with your group
before the call of the 24th and roughly discuss the products you want
to work on, how you will do that, what the roles and responsibilities
are for the different people (similar to a short terms of reference),
so we can discuss that in the main CCWP-HR call on the 24th.

I trust you can find a way to meet with your subgroup (meet.jit.si,
Skype, or similar), if not, please let me know and I'll be happy to
help. To facilitate this proces I gave some people a star* who could
help initiate this process.

All comments and questions are very welcome.



PS If you're not yet subscribed to this list, please do so here:

[1] https://www.icann.org/profiles/nora-abusitta
[2] https://community.icann.org/display/gnsononcomstake/Meeting+Notes
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